‘The Walking Dead’: Abraham Dodged an Arrow, So is He Destined to Die at the Hands of Negan in the Season 6 Finale? [Spoilers]

Over the past few seasons of The Walking Dead, Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) has become an admired character with all of his testosterone-driven behavior and colorful, memorable quips. However, season 6 of the series has seen him grappling with self-reflection and what he truly desires in life. This has many fans and pundits speculating that Abraham may meet his fate at the hands of The Walking Dead super villain, Negan, during the season 6 finale.

What might be a spoiler for those who are unfamiliar with The Walking Dead comic books is that, at the point where the show is now at in the storyline, Abraham is already dead. In the 14th episode of season 6, “Twice as Far,” Denise (Merritt Wever), Alexandria’s only doctor, was shockingly killed at the hands of Dwight (Austin Amelio), who used Darryl’s (Norman Reedus’) stolen iconic crossbow to complete the dirty deed. The character who actually suffered this atrocity amounting to an arrow through the eye in the comics was not Denise, but was none other than Abraham.

According to Cinemablend, in this season’s episode 11, entitled “Knots Untie,” much of the storyline was dedicated to Abraham, the ginger-haired macho man, and his ultimate decision to call it quits with his companion, Rosita (Christina Serratos). He did so after much introspection led him to follow his desire to give it a go with Sasha (Sonequa Martin).

Cinemablend aptly notes that the increased focus on Abraham may simply be “setting him up for disaster in the near future…” And it can’t be denied that there is clearly something awry when this big, burly, hulk of a man begins to talk to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in the last Walking Dead episode, “East,” about love and other such musings in this apocalyptic nightmare.

So, the question remains, did Abraham dodge the proverbial bullet in order to come face-to-face with “big bad” Negan, the pseudo-cult leader of The Saviors? According to Bustle, the answer to that inquiry is “Yes,” making Abraham one of the top contenders to be beaten to death by Negan’s barbed wire wrapped baseball bat, Lucille. At this point, another spoiler should be addressed, as Glenn is the character who is murdered by Negan in the The Walking Dead comics. Some believe this will still take place, but many argue Glenn is too beloved a character to go out this way.

Interestingly, the man who has brought The Walking Dead‘s Abraham to life on the small screen, Michael Cudlitz, has broached this subject in the past, saying he hoped that his character would live just a bit longer than the arrow kill in order to meet Negan.

Cudlitz told Zap2It way back in 2014:

I would love to be involved with Negan. If they decide I’m going to go during that time, I would love to have some badass, hand-to-hand deal with Negan… Personally, I think he’s more frightening before we meet him, because we see reach of what he does in the comics and stuff… I’m hopeful we hear about him quite a bit, see the effects he has…”

In the comics, Negan’s personality is frightening, and his off-color verbiage is chock full of strong, salty language, which was also addressed by Cudlitz, who explained to Zap2It,

“I can hold off meeting him for a while, partially because I don’t know how they’re going to create that character to be able to exist in the world of television because of the stream of profanities that he speaks with.”

According to Forbes, if Abraham is killed by Negan, this would actually be a “win-win” for the series. Forbes bases this idea on the theory that comic readers will like the idea that Abraham bites the dust within just two episodes of when he was supposed to get an arrow to the head, “yet they still get to be surprised by a turn that wasn’t in the comics.” Additionally, Forbes posits the move would also be “a win” for fans of the show because they won’t have to “be yanked into another situation where Glenn dies, for real this time…”

Ultimately, everything is speculation regarding who Negan will pummel with Lucille, so fans of The Walking Dead, no matter who their favorite characters are, should simply prepare themselves for the fact that, in this awesome show’s universe, anything can happen, and anyone can die. In truth, this fact is one of the reasons the show is so fantastic, as it is unpredictable, exciting, and evokes emotion unlike many other shows now on television.

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