‘Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV:’ What It Has To Offer ‘Fantasy’ Veterans And Newbies

Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV was officially announced during the “Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV” fan event in Los Angeles on March 30. Final Fantasy XV fans who had been following the development updates got a heads up about the demo from Director Hajime Tabata during the most recent Active Time Report live stream. Platinum Demo is playable on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it is now available to download for free (no pre-order or purchase required) on both PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace.

Curious? Platinum Demo Invites Newcomers To Experience Final Fantasy

For those who haven’t seen the Uncovered live stream event, Square Enix has emphasized that Final Fantasy XV has something for gamers of all persuasions. For those who are curious about Final Fantasy XV, Platinum Demo is a free opportunity to try out the action RPG gameplay and get an introduction to the protagonist and his story.

Business Division 2 of Square Enix delivers on their promise to make Platinum Demo easy for any gamer to follow by scripting a standalone story unique to the demo experience. No previous Final Fantasy knowledge or understanding is required to play through it. As far as game mechanics are concerned, there are tutorials along the way that explain the basics while leaving some advanced techniques for players to discover on their own.

Is It Worth Playing? Fans Are Given Different Perks To Play

After waiting more than a decade for this game, fans are likely to eat up every morsel of content that they can prior to Final Fantasy XV‘s release on September 30. For those who know they are picking up the game day one, going through the demo gives them some additional insight into the story; plus, completing the demo unlocks the cute Carbuncle in the full game. If only for the free DLC, Platinum Demo is worth a quick run through.

However, be forewarned, those who choose to speed run the demo may miss out on some hidden secrets and surprises. Players who just want to experience the main story points and score the free DLC can comfortably get through the adventure in about 20 minutes. Those who want to take a good look around can expect to spend a good hour or more fighting nightmares and exploring Noctis’ dream wonderland.

Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV is unlikely to be satisfying on the same level as the Episode Duscae demo experience exclusive to those who purchased the Day One edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, nor is it intended to be. Square Enix has developed the two demo experiences with their own distinctive purposes and for completely different audiences. Episode Duscae has been a gift for Final Fantasy fans and has allowed them to enjoy a portion of the game while in development; its focus is on the gameplay, game world, and overall experience.

In contrast, Platinum Demo is made to be enjoyed by anyone, even someone who has never played a Final Fantasy game before. It serves as a prologue to the full game’s story and establishes a connection to a protagonist many might otherwise write off as seemingly brooding or angsty judging by looks alone. Seeing Noctis in happier times as a kind, curious little boy makes him a bit more likeable, while also making the player curious about his story.

During my own playthrough at the Uncovered event, meeting young Noctis is perhaps one of the most entrancing novelties. Unlike his adult counterpart, young Noct is expressive and freely shows his feelings on his face. Players are treated to seeing Noct as he appears curious, afraid, shocked, and delighted. He even smiles. Surely, it has taken more than just puberty to transform Noctis into a sullen adult prince. Just what happens between the demo and the full game to knock the spring out of Noctis’ step? And is this childhood dream really just a dream? Or is Noct being forced to face and fight his nightmares? If so, by whom?

Curiouser and curiouser, indeed.

The answers will likely be revealed as the Final Fantasy XV universe unfolds. For now, downloading and playing the Platinum Demo begins the journey for curious players much like Alice falling into a rabbit hole.

[Image courtesy of Square Enix]

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