‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Meredith Panics After Spending The Night With Will, Maggie Rushes To Help Her — What Happened While They Were Alone?

Grey’s Anatomy ended last week with Meredith agreeing to go on a date with the handsome military doctor, Dr. Will Thorpe. After her well-meaning friends and co-workers encouraged her to go out, Meredith felt like she was ready to enter the dating scene after her husband, Derek’s death. Maggie is startled by Meredith’s screams as she kicks Will out of her room. What happened in her bedroom, and why did she freak out on the handsome doctor.

The sneak peek opens with Meredith screaming for Will to leave her room. He leaves and looks confused by her reaction. Maggie and Amelia run to Meredith’s bedroom door and ask Will why she screamed at him. He tells them that they were sleeping and she panicked and kicked him out.

“For the record, I didn’t do anything wrong,” Thorpe explains.

Meredith continued to scream for Maggie to get him out of the house. She was obviously upset by something, and Will was utterly confused why she reacted that way to him. Is it possible that Meredith isn’t ready to date again? Maybe it’s too soon after Derek’s death for her to think about dating? Will left peacefully and respected Meredith’s wishes. It doesn’t appear as if he raped her or did anything wrong, so why did she react so strongly to waking up in bed next to him?

Scott Elrod, the actor who plays Will Thorpe, revealed that he would be honored if ABC asked him to stick around, but due to what happens tonight it may take a few episodes at least for Meredith to calm down, Bustle reported.

“The promo kinda leads into a nice little drop off at the front door. Then there’s a little bit of a predicament, whether it be a misunderstanding or a circumstance of a situation that Meredith finds herself in, but yeah… I think it’s best if we just wait and see what happens Thursday night.”

It looks like Will Thorpe might disappear for a few weeks, only to pop up when Meredith has had time to stew on how she treated him. It’s safe to say that Will likely did nothing wrong and it may be a case of Meredith isn’t ready to be with anyone yet. The Young and the Restless alum announced he would appear for four episodes with the possibility of coming back next season as a regular.

Grey’s Anatomy previews indicate that Maggie will confront Andrew about the status of their relationship. Maggie tells him that he is not available to her, and seems to avoid her. Andrew brushes it off and tells her it’s been a very busy day; however, she doesn’t buy it. She asks him directly where their relationship stands. Andrew looks shocked by her question and isn’t sure how to answer her. Will they be able to figure out their relationship? Or, will they become another couple that just could make it work?

Other Grey’s Anatomy spoilers indicate that more drama is ahead for Jackson and April. Last week Jackson found out that April was pregnant and was obviously upset. He wanted to be part of the process; however, April made it clear that since she is pregnant it is her body, and until the baby is born, he had no rights. The way Jackson reacted, it is apparent that he is not done pressing the issue. Expect another heated confrontation between them in the next couple episodes.


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