Trent Harmon Reunites With Mom And ‘American Idol’ Roommate Manny Torres

Trent Harmon revealed earlier in the American Idol competition that his superstitious ways prevented him from allowing his family to join him in Los Angeles. In fact, Harmon set out on his Idol journey without even telling his family he was headed to auditions, saying he approached it “like a job.”

As the weeks went on and things were going well, Trent Harmon was afraid to make any big changes, like having friends or family show up. However, Harmon promised he wants them there if he advances to the finale. After last week’s “Sharp Dressed Man” performance, Harmon is one step closer to living up to that promise.

After Trent Harmon’s emotional cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man,” he said the song made him think of his mom, whom he missed very much. The feeling was mutual. The two finally reunited when Harmon made his hometown visit to his family’s farm in Amory, Mississippi, over the weekend.

Trent Harmon’s mom talked to local news station WTVA about her son’s sudden fame, saying, “I missed my baby boy so much.” She said the busy weekend homecoming events were “beyond tiring, but exciting.”

Besides his mom, food is what Trent Harmon said he missed most about home. His mom made sure to have his favorite French toast and quiche ready for him Saturday morning. She said the family didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Trent, before he was off to meet the thousands of fans who were waiting to see him.

Trent Harmon’s mom and fans weren’t the only ones anxious to greet him. Manny Torres, Trent’s former fellow contestant and roommate on American Idol, made his very first trip to Mississippi to see his friend. Harmon and Torres grew close while together on Idol and have maintained their friendship from afar. Manny even joined Trent on stage for a performance.

Trent Harmon shared his excitement over Manny traveling from Chicago to see him.

“When I looked up and saw Manny here, it was like, it gave me new life.”

Trent said the two had just spoken on the phone the day before and he told Manny, “Hey man, promise me you’re going to come to Mississippi.”

Manny voiced his support for his friend, saying, “He’s talented. He’s genuine. He’s an authentic person. He comes from great roots.”

Torres went on to say Harmon deserves every bit of the support his hometown and fans were giving him.

American Idol mentor and president of Big Machine Records Scott Borchetta discussed Trent Harmon’s progress with Taste of Country. He feels Trent has really stepped up and taken the competition “by the throat.”

Borchetta described Trent Harmon as “the real deal,” saying he has shown more growth than any of his competitors so far.

“He’s arguably the hardest worker, behind the scenes. He wants it, he’s got the bit in his mouth.”

On tonight’s episode, each contestant will sing a hometown tribute song. After one Idol hopeful is eliminated, the remaining three will perform a song chosen by Scott Borchetta and a judges’ pick. Borchetta chose Justin Timberlake’s “Drink You Away” for Trent Harmon.

Justin Timberlake performed “Drink You Away” with Chris Stapleton at the 2015 CMA awards. Borchetta told Taste of Country this will be the first time Timberlake has ever given permission for one of his songs to be covered on American Idol.

Watch Trent Harmon on American Idol Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on Fox.

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