Jessica Biel Proud Of Food Baby As Much As Son Silas And Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel is proud of her food baby as much as she is of her son Silas and her husband Justin Timberlake. She just shot down the rumor that she is pregnant again by flat out addressing that it is her food baby that is being mistaken for a real one.

“The actress, 34, admitted she was a little dumbfounded by this latest rumor, especially as she thought her postbaby body work had been going pretty well,” reports Us Weekly.

“I don’t even know what to say about these things,” the Bleeding Heart actress told Ellen DeGeneres. “I feel like, I thought I was doing good with my yoga practice. I thought I was in the gym. But no, I have a gut, apparently.”

But even the accusation that Jessica Biel has a belly is quite confounding as she has reverted back to her slim, fit self almost right after she had her first baby.

Check out a magazine cover that the actress did after the birth. Looks like her upper body is tauter than ever.

Instead of heeding to these groundless rumors about her second pregnancy, the wife of Justin Timberlake is instead enjoying life. She has been investing most of her time to her son Silas and her newly opened children-friendly restaurant, Au Fudge.

“Jessica Biel showed she is clearly enjoying motherhood as she stepped out at The Grove in West Hollywood, California,” reports Daily Mail. “The 34-year-old actress looked stunning as she pushed her 11-month-old son Silas along in his stroller on Friday.”

Even with the opening of her new restaurant, she is able to take a zen attitude towards the whole thing because she is only involved with the big-picture aspect of running Au Fudge.

“But I’m not a baker, really. I have no clue what I’m doing,” said Jessica to Los Angeles Times. “So I put my focus toward helping be a part of the nutritional stuff… here. I want this to be like our version of ‘Cheers.’ We want a local spot.”

Looks like her contribution to the eatery is more conceptual than practical.

When critics pointed out that her overpriced children-friendly restaurant is an exclusive place for rich parents, she made sure to stand up for her business.

“You can call me snotty. You can call me elitist. Whatever you want,” said Jessica according to Los Angeles Times. “We are providing a space where you can eat and be comfortable and confident that your children are not being pumped full of hormones and chemicals. You can come here and know that it’s safe for your kid to crawl on the floor because what we’re cleaning the floor with is safe. You can come in here and know we are doing everything we can to be sustainable in terms of our energy and our waste. And if we’re snot faces or elitists for that, I think we’re OK with that.”

But just because food at Au Fudge is organic and clean doesn’t necessarily mean that it is healthy. Take a look at this ice cream sandwich that the restaurant offers.

That’s got to result in a more than a few cavities for all the kids that get pampered by their moms and dads.

Maybe Jessica is able to turn her ears away from all the criticisms because of the support she gets from her husband Justin Timberlake. Just the fact that they are completely in love with each other even after years of marriage and having a baby shows that this Hollywood couple is in it for the long run.

“I listen to his music probably more than I should,” she admitted to Us Weekly. “It’s maybe slightly creepy. I love his music. Silas loves his music. I want him to hear it a lot. We listen to it in the car a lot.”

Maybe she will get him to do a little show for the kids at Au Fudge!

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

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