Justin Bieber Needs New Dancers, Encourages Fans To Audition

Justin Bieber, teen pop sensation and daydream fantasy for millions upon millions of lovestruck girls, is presently in the market for some new dancers. However, instead of mining talent agencies or relying upon his numerous industry contacts to wrangle new blood for his tour, Justin is opening up auditions to his legion of dedicated fans. If you’ve ever danced in front of a mirror while singing along to your favorite Bieber song, this opportunity was designed with you in mind.

Showbiz Spy reports that Justin, with the help of tour director Jon M. Chu, has launched a website which allows would-be back-up dancers upload videos of their gyrations for consideration. If the powers that be like what they see, then there’s a possibility you may find yourself onstage, shaking what your mother gave you for the world to see. That may sound terrifying to some, but it’s a dream come true for many.

“Justin also has such a huge online component, that’s where he was discovered. You can upload your own video and audition,” Chu explained. “We are creating a huge crazy show for all of you guys out there. We are going to make you proud and make you believe in magic. We know there’s a lot of talent we want to see, so we are opening up our auditions to people online, around the world.”

Bieber, as you may recall, found himself on the road to superstardom after uploading some his performances to YouTube. A recent tweet from the singer suggests that Justin hasn’t forgotten his roots.

“When I started it was on YouTube. Why can’t it happen for you? #BELIEVE in YOURSELF,” he wrote in a recent tweet. You know, the guy has a point.

If dancing with Justin Bieber during his tour sounds like something you would deeply enjoy, here’s what you need to do. Take a look at the handy video embedded below or, alternatively, take a trip to Jon Chu’s website d2dio. According to the Belfast Telegraph, you only have until August 17 to get your videos uploaded, so don’t sleep on this one for too long.

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