WWE Rumors: Creative Plans For Bray Wyatt & The Wyatt Family

Somewhat lost in the WrestleMania shuffle, The Wyatt Family has been an afterthought during WWE’s peak season. Whether that’s due to injury, poor creative booking, or both, the Wyatts are without a single advertised match this Sunday in Dallas. A year ago, Luke Harper was in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match and Bray Wyatt was battling the Undertaker. Now, nothing.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Bray and his followers won’t be involved somehow in AT&T Stadium. Harper is out indefinitely after undergoing successful knee surgery, but the patriarch, along with Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman, will be lurking somewhere in the bowels of Jerry’s World. As far as what role they’ll actually play, many have speculated that the Wyatts will further their feud with Brock Lesnar by interfering in the Beast’s match with Dean Ambrose to set up a collision that’s been teased for months.

According to Daily Wrestling News, both Lesnar and Bray Wyatt were upset that they weren’t booked against each other for WrestleMania. It appeared to be headed that way during the Royal Rumble, but WWE changed course and inserted Ambrose instead as his popularity grew. Wyatt was supposed to interfere in the triple threat main event at Fastlane between Lesnar, Ambrose, and Roman Reigns, but those plans, too, were scrapped. Even after Ambrose and Lesnar were advertised for WrestleMania, WWE scheduled a Wyatt-Lesnar match for Roadblock, but audibled to a handicap match with Luke Harper instead. However, Harper was the only Wyatt family member to square off with Lesnar in WWE’s attempt to protect a future Wyatt-Lesnar showdown.

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This most recent report suggests that plans for Bray and Brock to square off are still in the works. Braun Strowman is said to factor into the angle, as well, though recent reports indicate that management is cooling off on his push altogether. WWE wants to make Bray Wyatt a top heel in the company, but keeping him off the biggest card of the year might make that difficult. He very well may interfere in the No Holds Barred Street Fight, costing Lesnar the victory. But if Lesnar takes his customary time off before SummerSlam, what does Wyatt do in the meantime?

WWE’s booking of Bray and the Wyatt Family has raised plenty of eyebrows. One day they’re feuding with John Cena, Roman Reigns, and the Undertaker, and the next they’re fodder for bigger angles. Hall-of-Famer Jake Roberts spoke to Ring Rust Radio, and is among those who think Bray is not being utilized to his fullest potential.

“I think they’re holding him down. I think he could do a lot more, and I would like to see them turn him loose, but I don’t think they’re going to. He would be something hard for WWE to ram something down his chute because his character is so strong. So they keep him beaten down and I think it’s a shame because he is very unique. He will never be a top heel because people are infatuated by him… If they are scared of your character like they were of me and Bray, they want to be on the winning team, so they will want to cheer for you regardless.”

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Some original plans for Bray Wyatt included a push to the top of the card to feud with Roman Reigns again. But this time, Reigns would be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Wyatt would be the No. 1 contender. Fans may not allow Reigns to be the top babyface WWE management had hoped he’d be, so that plan may already be scrapped too. Fans have clamored for the Eater of Worlds to face off with the Beast Incarnate, and they may get their wish this summer. But will it be too late by then?

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