‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Abigail Commits Murder, Heads To Psych Ward?


Days of Our Lives viewers have watched as Abigail Deveraux has been sinking further and further into what seems to be a mental illness. Now, new spoilers reveal that Abby may commit the ultimate crime, and that could send her over the edge and into the mental hospital.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Days of Our Lives fans will watch as Abigail continues to see her ex-fiancé, Ben Weston, in her head, leaving her husband, Chad DiMera, and brother, JJ, very concerned for her health. Although, Ben is still on the loose, and Abby knows this, meaning he could pop up at any time to hurt her, or her son, Thomas, whom he still believes to be his own child.

When that day finally does come, Days of Our Lives viewers will likely be rooting for Abigail as she stands up to Ben Weston and hopefully can put her past behind her. However, the report suggests that Abby might actually have to kill Ben in order to save her son, Thomas, from his wrath. If that is the case and Abigail commits murder, even in self defense, she will likely go off the deep end as she is already so fragile in her mental state. Abby has even told Chad that she is afraid she’s losing her mind.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Abigail to end up in the mental hospital?
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As many Days of Our Lives fans know, Abigail comes from a family where mental illness has run wild. Both her grandmother, Laura, and great-grandmother, Carrie, both spent time in a mental hospital for their collective issues, although it has seemed to skip a generation in Jennifer so far. Unfortunately, Jennifer seems to have her own issues with substance abuse. Abigail’s mother has been abusing prescription painkillers for months now following the tragic New Year’s Eve accident which killed Dr. Daniel Jonas that she was involved in.

With Jennifer so far out of the loop and into her addiction, she hasn’t been much of a help to the struggling Abigail, who has a lot on her plate with Ben’s escape, her mental health issues, being a new mother to baby Thomas, and marrying longtime love Chad DiMera and moving into the DiMera mansion, a decision that a lot of her family disagreed with.

Besides Abigail’s scary storyline on Days of Our Lives, there is so much more drama happening in Salem. Chase has been released from jail on bail after raping Ciara, and Hope’s teenage daughter is having a hard time dealing with the terrible ordeal. Belle and Philip’s relationship seems to be at a turning point, and Rafe’s mother is back in town with all of her children, and estranged ex-husband.

Perhaps the most dramatic happenings in Salem are currently surrounding Maggie. Maggie Horton-Kiriakis has recently lost her son, Daniel Jonas, and found out that she has a long lost daughter, Summer. Besides all of that, her husband Victor’s younger brother Deimos has been poisoning her to exact revenge on his brother. In a recent episode Maggie collapsed and fell down the stairs due to the side effects of the poison.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Maggie poisoned by Deimos.
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Maggie has now been put in the middle of Victor and Deimos’ war and revenge plans, which is the last thing she needs at this heartbreaking and stressful time in her life. Days of Our Lives viewers will likely watch Maggie struggle as she deals with all the issues she’s currently facing, and finds a way to work through them while still caring for those around her like always.

What are your thoughts on all the latest Days of Our Lives drama? Do you think Abigail will end up in a mental institution?

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