Ryan Seacrest Unsung Hero Of ‘American Idol’ Say Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban, Weaving Warmth With Wisdom [Video]

American Idol fans have come to accept Ryan Seacrest as part of the singing competition’s background, as inevitable as dimming the lights before announcing bad news such as who’s going home. But in reality, say judges such as Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban, Ryan is the key to American Idol‘s success. Without Seacrest, it’s even possible that the show would never have lasted as long, noted Rare.

For 15 seasons, Ryan has served as the host and behind-the-scenes secret weapon. Judges, as well as his colleagues, are eager to sing out his praises.

“I remember when I first started this show thinking, ‘this is Ryan Seacrest’s show,’ ” recalled Jennifer Lopez. “He runs this show because he just navigated everything so beautifully and so seamlessly.”

Ryan Seacrest gets kudos from "American Idol" judges.
Ryan Seacrest gets kudos from “American Idol” judges. [Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]
Both Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul also praised Seacrest. The two former judges feel that when it comes to the way that he weaves his sincere warmth with his wisdom, nobody does it better.

“He’s one of the best to ever do it. He knows how to keep it moving and keep it interesting,” praised Jackson, getting a consensus from Abdul.

In the eyes of Keith Urban, who is one of the judges for the final season, American Idol and Ryan Seacrest are synonymous.

“[Seacrest] is ‘American Idol.’ He’s the face of it and the voice of it.”

Adding to his innate charm, Ryan does not take his position on American Idol for granted. Instead, Seacrest has a genuine sense of gratitude for how the singing competition changed his life, giving him opportunities that he parlayed into a starry career.

“This show has been so significantly special. It’s been something that I’m so proud of and I always just wanted to do a good job,” emphasized Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest poses with judges musician Harry Connick, Jr., singer Jennifer Lopez and musician Keith Urban of American Idol.
Ryan Seacrest poses with judges musician Harry Connick, Jr., singer Jennifer Lopez, and musician Keith Urban of American Idol. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
There’s an art to what Seacrest does on American Idol. Ryan is the man responsible for setting the tone of the show, keeping the coaches involved and the contestants as calm as he can, while taking on the difficult task of sending often-beloved singers home, pointed out Billboard.

During his tenure on the show, for which he was cast in 2002, Seacrest has announced 14 successive American Idol winners. Not so much fun: Sending over 350 contestants off the stage with the news that they are no longer in the competition. Ouch.

However, Ryan has learned how to be considerate and compassionate, and he praises the contestants.

“I’m always impressed by how poised these young contestants have been over the years,” reflected Seacrest.

What the audience doesn’t see is that when the commercial break occurs, just prior to learning their fate, each finalist gets one-on-one time with Ryan.

“During the commercial break, before the results are handed down, I make a point of looking each [finalist] in the eye and saying, ‘Good luck.’ Then, ‘Take a deep breath, and here we go!’ “

In addition, Seacrest has assigned himself the role of American Idol contestant advocate. In that position, Ryan seeks to understand each individual and use the instinct he’s developed to help each one.

“If there’s a strategy I use, it’s to try and read the person… Some contestants are cool and calm under the pressure and can handle it; others are very emotional,” Seacrest pointed out.

In response, Ryan varies how he handles each one.

“[Sometimes], I’ll just hug them and say, ‘Good night.’ It depends on the moment. You’ve got to rely on your instinct,” he added.

And when judges seemed unusually cruel, Seacrest was there to champion his contestants.

“There were times — certainly during the earlier seasons — when I felt like the contestants needed somebody to stand up for them. So I would help them understand [the judges’ criticism] a little bit more or just go back at Simon when he came down hard on them,” Ryan admitted.

Above all, Seacrest wants to show each eliminated finalist that he appreciates the contributions made to American Idol.

“I see my role in that elimination moment as a friend, a pal, a supportive buddy. My job is to show them appreciation, whether it’s with a hug or something I say.”

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