Tom Hanks Loved Rita Wilson From The Moment He Saw Her On ‘The Brady Bunch’ [Watch]

Tom Hanks, multiple Academy Award winning actor, has been married for 28 years. Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson and, according to Woman’s Day, he’s been in love with her ever since he laid his eyes upon her during her time on The Brady Bunch. Despite having a small role, Rita stuck out to a young Tom Hanks and left him in so much awe that he told a friend about the cute girl on his TV set.

Tom Hanks spoke about the moment he saw Rita Wilson on The Brady Bunch, saying that he remembered being at a friend’s house and watching the episode that featured the girl who would be his future wife and thinking “that girl’s cute.”

Watch here to see the original Brady Bunch episode that first caught a young Tom Hanks’ eye.

It was a while before the two of them actually met, but they did and they’ve stayed happily married with two sons. Who would’ve known that someone can actually end up with your crush? Well, Tom Hanks sure did. The pair do just about everything together. With Rita going on tour to promote her self-titled LP, she’s not going alone because she wants to take Tom with her.

Rita Spoke on taking Tom Hanks along the tour, joking that she’s going him to work “selling merch in the lobby.”

Tom and Rita live a great married life together, with the only real problem being the usual drive here and there, according to the New York Daily News. The couple argues in the car when one or the other needs directions to get somewhere. The de facto GPS system of choice for the pair is Rita Wilson herself.

Tom Hanks spoke about Rita Wilson admitting to giving the directions.

“That is hilarious. She is actually telling you the truth right now. I am driving and do you know what I always say, ‘Just don’t you worry your pretty little head. All you have to do is sit there and ride. I will decide how to get there.’ “

The couple make a great team as well. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson act as co-producers for the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise. The original My Big Fat Greek Wedding film, which hit theaters back in 2002, had a very humble budget of just $5 million, but it managed to get an Academy Award nomination and brought in more than $369 million at the box office.

Tom Hanks spoke about the success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

“We could not believe it was inching its way up and inching its way into awareness and people loving it and it felt like complete, crazy good fortune.”

Tom Hanks’ married life isn’t the only match made in heaven for him, as he’s also got a great thing going on with James Corden. According to Entertainment Weekly, James Corden lists Tom Hanks as one of his favorite guests on the show. Tom Hanks appeared on the show in a segment that James Corden had a lot of fun with, which had the two of them reliving some of Tom Hanks’ most memorable moments on the big screen.

James Corden spoke on the segment he had with Tom Hanks and how much fun he had doing it.

“I love the reaction that people had to it. It’s a pleasure to do anything with Tom Hanks. Whether it’s us being the characters from Toy Story or him putting the red paint hand on my face as Wilson the volleyball from Castaway, there are so many funny moments. I’m really proud of it. It was a big statement of intent for our show.”

Watch the video here: a must-see for any Tom Hanks fan!

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