WWE News: John Cena Expected To Be Cleared To Return Any Time Now, ‘WrestleMania 32’ Appearance Likely

WWE Superstar John Cena has been out since earlier this year due to a shoulder injury. He appears to be doing well at this point, but he just now got to a point where he could truly do a lot of things he did before. Just weeks after surgery, Cena was back in the gym lifting weights most of us couldn’t do with two good shoulders. Cena is a freak athlete who has had a good history of recovering quickly. Dr. James Andrews out of the Orthosports Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, does a good job with every surgery, but that does not mean all heal the same.

Cena heals greatly due to a lot of things he does while recovering. However, Cena usually comes back potentially a month early, or a few weeks. An average person can do that. However, Cena coming back in half the time? That would be superhuman. It looks like WWE’s resident Superman is going to do just that.

According to PWInsider, John Cena is almost ready to return to the ring and is expected to be cleared very soon by doctors. This would be a little quick even for the most shady of doctors, however. Most feel that Cena could easily return to WWE in a limited role, but he could not go full time for a while. We all know he’s going to be at WrestleMania 32, of course. Every single news outlet has claimed Cena will be part of the show, at least in a non-wrestling role, at some point in the evening.

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However, many experts disagree on where Cena will be used on the card. There were reports recently claiming that John Cena still had months to go in his recovery, which made total sense. Now with this report out of PWI, it is tough to know which to believe. Here is what we know. Cena will be used in some capacity at WrestleMania, and will most likely take part in WWE’s European Tour. Cena can also work on a limited basis.

A full match may not be on Cena’s schedule and if he does, he may only work television until he’s fully ready to work. This much is all possible for the 15-time World Champion.

The rumor surrounding John Cena’s return has to do with The Undertaker. The rumor states that he will get involved in Taker’s match against Shane McMahon and help Shane O’Mac defeat The Deadman. This was rumored to happen so that WWE could set up a match with Cena and The Undertaker to end The Phenom’s career at next year’s WrestleMania. However, if Shane wins, then this would not be very possible. Vince McMahon claimed that if Taker loses, this would be his last WrestleMania.

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Many believe that if Shane McMahon wins and gets control, he could easily reverse this decision. However, that is not how everything works. Vince is still The Chairman of WWE. He still runs the entire operation, while Shane would just control one show. Yes, that show’s success drives the company’s success. Yet, that does not give Shane veto power when it comes to WrestleMania, as he only gets to control a weekly event.

Therefore, realistically speaking, Shane McMahon has to lose in order to keep The Undertaker around. Otherwise, he is the last opponent The Undertaker will have at WrestleMania. When it comes to his career, Taker easily could still work WWE RAW, as Shane would control this show. A loss for Undertaker does not end his career, but it would end his WrestleMania run. If John Cena got involved to help Shane, fans would most likely enjoy him helping Shane facilitate change. However, it does end WrestleMania time unless Vince reverses his decision — which isn’t likely.

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