‘Bachelor’ Stars Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Have First Date In Denver, But Things Went Hilariously Awry: What Happened?

The Bachelor stars Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are happy and in love, and they are embracing the fact that they can head out on public dates now. While they have had to put the over-the-top dates from filming behind them, their latest outing took a hilarious turn that definitely is not like the kinds of dates they had during the show. What happened with Ben and Lauren’s latest date?

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are in Denver, Colorado, now, where he lives. After ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 finale aired, they were in New York for a bit, then spent some time in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. Now they’re settling into life together in Denver, and it seems that they decided to head out for a bit of fun Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, Ben and Lauren’s date took an unexpected turn. Higgins got stuck in an elevator, by himself, while Bushnell shared all of the dramatics via Snapchat. She initially tried to just push the buttons to bring the elevator back to the floor where she was, but that didn’t work. Eventually, firefighters were on the scene, and luckily, the Bachelor star was extracted from the elevator unharmed.

Just why was Higgins by himself anyway? Ben shared via Twitter that he had tried to do a gentlemanly thing that backfired on him a bit. The Bachelor star said he had left Lauren inside where she could stay warm, and he headed off in the cold to go get the car. Additional tweets indicated that he was totally traumatized by the incident and he will never forget their first date, and he added that he needed a drink after it was all over. Ben added that Lauren kept laughing about it.

While Lauren indeed was cracking up over the elevator incident, it looks like Ben was able to joke about it as well and likely was more sarcastic than serious when it came to his level of traumatization. Lauren did tweet about how sweet it was that her fiancé was being such a gentleman in going to get the car and ensuring she stayed warm, but it sounds like this incident will lend itself to some good laughs for some time to come.

Fellow Bachelor contestant Becca Tilley even had a bit of fun with this one, tweeting that she was dying laughing as she watched Lauren’s Snapchat showing the elevator incident. Bushnell replied back that she knew her Bachelor bud would enjoy it and she was cracking up over it. Lauren was even kind enough to tweet updates to fans who were hanging on the edges of their seats throughout the drama, hopeful for news of Ben’s safe elevator escape.

How do Ben and Lauren top this one? Based on how things seem to be going for the Bachelor lovebirds so far, they will have plenty of time to redo this Denver date and create new memories. Bushnell has said that she is moving to Denver from California to be with Higgins and they have added that they plan to get married sooner rather than later. There is even talk of babies down the road, but they are focusing on their engagement for now and a wedding before they start getting too serious about having a family together.

Higgins and Bushnell may have endured a few tough times after filming that final rose ceremony, but Ben and Lauren seem to be head-over-heels in love now. Even with Lauren Bushnell cracking up over poor Ben Higgins’ elevator incident, fans think this Bachelor duo may have what it takes to go the distance and many are cheering them on as they move ahead in their relationship.

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