‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Spoilers: Director And Stars Reveal Details Of Upcoming Movie

Real Star Wars: Episode VIII spoilers are yet to be uncovered, but that has not stopped the crew from teasing fans with some minor details regarding the film. Part of the reason for the lack of substantial spoilers is because the production of the movie has been pushed back from Memorial Day, 2017, to December, 2017. Disney has not said why they are delaying the film’s release, but rumors suggest that Rian Johnson, who is taking the helm as director from J.J. Abrams, is reworking the script with a heavier focus on the new characters that were introduced in The Force Awakens.

Another possible reason for the Star Wars: Episode VIII film and its spoilers is to skirt competing with Marvel superhero films that are coming out in the early summer. According to Cinema Blend, “The move allows Star Wars to avoid the normal glut of superhero movies – Disney owns Marvel, as well, so having Star Wars compete with a Marvel movie makes no business sense.”

This delay will allow producers to address concerns that arose after the release of Episode VII, mainly that the movie was sub-par for the Star Wars franchise. Extra time to polish the film will hopefully ease these concerns.

One Star Wars: Episode VIII spoiler points to what fans can expect from the general plot of the movie. Entertainment Weekly got a chance to speak with Adam Driver, the actor who portrayed Kylo Ren, the primary antagonist in The Force Awakens. When asked what he could tell us about the film, Driver was elusive, saying only that “they’re still at war.”

While this might seem like much, it does say that fans can expect more of the same starfighter dogfights, lightsaber duels, and blaster shootouts that made the original films famous.

Director Rian Johnson revealed a more substantial spoiler for Star Wars: Episode VIII when he posted a picture of actress Lupita Nyong’o reprising her role as Maz Kanata on a motion capture stage to his Tumblr account. Entertainment Weekly also reported that Johnson posted the photo with no comment, but when coupled with the rumor of him rewriting the script with more focus on new characters, it could be safe to assume that Maz Kanata may play a bigger role than in the previous film. Johnson’s Tumblr page is one to watch if you enjoy behind-the-scenes images of the upcoming movie. He frequently posts them to mark the end of a week’s production.

Star Wars: Episode VIII spoilers could also be forthcoming from Luke Skywalker himself, or so fans thought just a few days ago. According to Moviepilot, Mark Hamill was given the okay by Rian Johnson to reveal a major plot-point spoiler to fans. Hamill tweeted that he would tweet the spoiler if he reached 1 million followers by the end of the day, but he never achieved that goal. He later tweeted that he would reveal the secret anyway, but urged fans to remain patient. However, the tweet turned out to be a cruel April Fools prank worthy of a Sith Lord.

Hamill later tweeted about the Star Wars: Episode VIII spoiler, “OK-I FOOLED exactly NO ONE! It was a JOKE, a TRICK, AND a PRANK!#LameGagLuke #JokingJedi #TeasingTrickster #NoLOL.”

Hamill’s prank goes to show the merit of the traditional April Fools meme: “Believe NOTHING. Trust NO ONE.”

The next Star Wars universe movie to be released is Rogue One, due out December 16, 2016. Episode VIII will debut a year later, on December 16. Despite the tight-lipped crew of Star Wars: Episode VIII, spoilers for the film are likely to leak as the movie gets closer to its release. Stay tuned for more spoilers as they are uncovered.

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