WWE News: Cesaro Spotted Without A Sling In Dallas, Rumors Of ‘WrestleMania 32’ Return Look To Be True

WWE has had a lot of issues with talent getting hurt throughout the last year. Some of the top stars have gone down to one, some have even been hurt twice. The loss of so many stars has affected the WrestleMania card a bit, but many are still hopeful it goes well. One man that many were upset seeing get hurt is Cesaro. He went down with a shoulder injury and had to end up having a surgery to repair it.

Luckily for Cesaro, everything went well. He was trying to shift the news another direction, however, and told people he was further away from his return, but then the announcement happened. It was confirmed that Cesaro would be part of WWE’s European Tour next month, which allowed us to know the timing of his return. It also made many assume that he would not return in Europe, but rather on the always-hot WWE RAW after WrestleMania.

Now, that could change. According to Cageside Seats, Cesaro is in Dallas right now for WrestleMania without a sling. It has made many wonder whether or not Cesaro would return at WrestleMania instead of RAW.

Cesaro Ziggler
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According to the Wrestling Observer, there was said to be talk this week of adding Cesaro as a surprise entrant into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It appeared that WWE moved the battle royal to the main show, where it was going to be part of the kick-off show instead. Usually, the battle royal is nothing to care about, but WWE has made it far more interesting over the past few years. It opens the show well, if nothing else.

Cesaro happens to be a past winner of the battle royal and it makes total sense for him to take part. Right now, WWE has announced 16 of the 20 people who will be in it. The Wyatt Family was supposed to be part of it, but Luke Harper went down to an injury. This leaves one spot open if all three members of the remaining Wyatt’s join in. Cesaro could easily take this open spot and surprise us all with a big return at the event.

There were rumors of a return happening at WrestleMania, and this could be it. Of course, some speculate that another major name could be returning too, outside of the obvious legends that will be part of the event.

Cesaro Orton
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As far as Cesaro is concerned, having him back would be big for WrestleMania. A battle royal is not very stressful for him, as he would mostly be trying to get people out of the ring and not having to work a full one on one match with anyone. The battle royal was rumored to be won by Braun Strowman of the Wyatt Family. However, reports now claim that WWE has soured on Strowman as of late and are halted his push. He will likely not get the victory at WrestleMania.

This might also have to do with the Cesaro return as well, as they may have him become the first two time winner of the battle royal over Strowman winning. Cesaro could very well win the match by dumping Strowman over the ropes at the end of the match. The Wyatt’s are expected to have a large presence in the event, as they are also rumored to interfere in the Brock Lesnar/Dean Ambrose match later in the night.

WWE wants to get Bray Wyatt over well and having him become a major thorn in the side of Lesnar, resulting in a match between the two of them, could easily be a good way to accomplish that. As for Cesaro, there is no word on what he will do upon his return. However, there are rumors that he will go after the WWE Intercontinental Championship. We will have to see what WWE decides to go with.

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