Kendall Jenner Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Instagram And Comforts Child Pushed Down By Crowd Of Fans [Video]

What does Kendall Jenner really think of Instagram? The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is the indisputable queen of the social media platform, with the most shared Instagram photo in 2015. But Kendall Jenner’s love affair with Instagram doesn’t go as deep as you might think.

When People magazine followed Jenner around New York City for a day, as Kendall made an appearance at the press day for Estée Edit at a Sephora store, the reality star revealed that she can’t even remember the last person she followed on Instagram!

“Ugh…no. Sorry,” Kendall apologized when asked.

As Kendall prepared for the event, first starting her day with makeup artists, Jenner also recalled the last time she was recognized (clearly the thousands of people who flocked to the Estée Edit event don’t count).

Kendall said she was looking at her Calvin Klein billboard with her agent, explaining, “I think there was like one or two people who were like, wait, what,” as they recognized Jenner staring at the massive photo of herself.

At the Estée Edit launch party, Kendall introduced the new cosmetics she developed in collaboration with makeup giant Estée Lauder. Estée Edit is an 82-piece makeup collection that features some of Kendall Jenner’s favorite hues.

At the press interview, Jenner explained that she helped pick the colors in the pallet, adding that she picked purple because it’s her favorite color. Browns are also part of the makeup kit, as well as “just the normal colors” you might expect. Some of the colors were also described as “glow in the dark” by Jenner.

As the party started, Kendall walked the red carpet wearing a black bustier top and black leggings and descended a long staircase at the store. The model also posed for photos with the thousands of screaming fans who came for the meet-and-greet.

While the Estée Edit party went off without a hitch, things got crazy outside Manhattan pet shop Citipups when a crowd of Kendall Jenner fans accidentally pushed down a young boy as they rushed to get a glimpse of Kendall and model Hailey Baldwin. Kendall was shopping for canine accessories while Baldwin played with the corgi puppies, according to the Daily Mail.

Although Jenner had spent the Easter weekend with her family in California, the model returned to New York City to continue promoting her personal brand as well as attend the Estée Edit party. As the pair prepared to leave the store, a throng of people pressed to get a glimpse and photos of the famous duo as shouts of “Watch the kid!” could be heard. A bystander also pointed out that the crowd was making the child cry.

An eyewitness caught video showing how the boy was nearly trampled and how quickly Jenner and Baldwin reacted to come to his rescue. As soon as Jenner noticed the young fan was in danger from being pushed around, she took action to make sure the boy was safe.

Assuring the crowd that the child was perfectly fine, just visibly upset and scared, since he could easily have been trampled, Kendall knelt down to the child’s height, asked him if he was okay, and gave the boy a hug. Jenner then reassured him that he was okay. The crowd shouted in appreciation by shouting and telling Jenner they love her.

Kendall also posed for photos with the boy and looked casual in black skinny jeans, a dark blue hoodie, denim jacket, and her trademark aviator sunglasses.

What do you think? Is Kendall Jenner incredibly kind? Which hue in the Estée Edit kit is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]