‘The 100’ Season 3: Could Lexa’s Spirit Name Clarke As New Commander Instead Of [SPOILER]

The 100 returns to The CW network tonight. Season 3, Episode 9 is titled “Stealing Fire,” and it will deal with the events following Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) death. This includes the Grounders having a new commander. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a preview of “Stealing Fire” was recorded by a fan at WonderCon, which showed the first 13 minutes of Season 3, Episode 9. The video teased who the new Commander of the Grounders would be, but will that individual be able to stay as leader? There are some viewers who predict that Lexa’s spirit will insist on a different commander. Could Clarke (Eliza Taylor) be named as the new clan leader by the end of Season 3?

For those that have not seen The 100 Season 3, Episode 9 WonderCon preview, it appears that Ontari (Rhiannon Fish) takes Lexa’s place as commander. Everyone is shocked, and this is bad news for Clarke and the Sky People. Before Lexa died, she was trying a new approach. Instead of waging war on everyone, Lexa gave a peace order despite Pike (Michael Beach) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) killing the Grounder army that was sent to Arkadia to protect the Sky People. This was very different than how Lexa would have reacted in the past. It was also a decision many of the Grounders did not agree with.

Not only did “Clexa” have feelings for one another, but Lexa trusted Clarke. The women were opposites in how they dealt with things, but were learning from each other. Because of Clarke, Lexa started making some unpopular decisions. Despite the Grounders living a certain way for generations, Lexa felt it was time to try a new approach.

As fans remember from the last episode of The 100, Clarke witnessed Lexa’s spirit coming out of her body. Her spirit was not a ghostly form, like some would expect. Instead, a new storyline was set up and Jason Rothenberg teased that it was “technological reincarnation.” The showrunner of The 100 teased that Clarke and Lexa’s journey together isn’t quite over yet.

“She [Clarke] will be influenced by Lexa’s legacy and try to fulfill the legacy of the dream Lexa had for peace in the world,” Jason Rothenberg teased to the Wrap. “She will have to compartmentalize herself to be the hero we know her to be.”

If Ontari is indeed the new commander, could Lexa’s spirit intervene and name someone else as her successor? Lexa not only trusted Clarke and vowed to protect the Sky People, but Clarke understood what Lexa was trying to do. If fallen commanders really do exist in some form after death, could Lexa make one final decision, even though she is no longer alive?

As some fans might remember from a previous episode of The 100, Lexa told Clarke that the spirits of past commanders spoke to her through dreams. The Grounders are also a spiritual group of people and believe that Lexa is still alive, at least when it comes to her spirit. With The 100 meshing advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and primitive beliefs, anything is possible. Perhaps fans are right, maybe Lexa’s spirit will choose Clarke as the new commander after all. However, for that to happen, Ontari will have to be dethroned, and that will not be easy.

For those wondering about Jason Rothenberg’s decision to kill Lexa in The 100, there is an update. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the showrunner finally wrote an apology. Only time will tell if the apology comes too late or not.

Do you think Clarke will ultimately be commander in The 100? What will happen when Ontari takes the throne when The CW post-apocalyptic series returns? How will Clarke save the Sky People from Ontari and the Grounders? The next episode of The 100, airing March 31, might reveal some answers.

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