Shakira Prioritizes New Album Over Baby Sasha, Milan And Husband Gerard Pique

Shakira is now starting to prioritize her music and new album over her baby Sasha, Milan, and her time with Gerard Pique. She has taken some time off to devote herself to her family, so now it’s reasonable that she wants to return to the studio.

“I’ve been taking a temporary license away from music for my kids, justified by them,” Shakira said according to Belfast Telegraph. “And the truth is that it was healthy… But the reality is that it is vital for me, and this is who I am – music is in the very fibre of my being. And I need to get back to it, so my kids are going to have to excuse me for a little bit.”

Looks like Shakira knows how to balance her life as a mother, wife, and an artist.

Her social media has also taken a turn from featuring her baby sons to becoming more music oriented. Check out a picture she uploaded, showing that she is working hard on her new album!

But she has also admitted that it isn’t easy to be available to everything.

“It’s hard to keep a balance,” she said. “I think it’s one of the biggest challenges that women have today. We have to do so many things — be mothers, be professionals, be girlfriends, and keep it all together, juggling everything around.”

Maybe the singer is feeling the weight of her age set in. She turned 39 this year, surrounded by her loved ones in Spain, as her husband Gerard Pique pursues his football career.

Shakira has been made time for the ones that are most dear to her. Most recently, she was caught having a lovely day with Milan, Sasha and her baby daddy Gerard Pique.

“She is a globally-successful singer as well as a mother and wife,” reports Daily Mail. “So it’s fitting that Shakira should enjoy a rare day off to spend with footballer husband Gerard Piqué and their adorable son, Milan, this week. The blonde beauty, 39, was spotted out and about in Barcelona on Thursday where she appeared to keep a low profile.”

Check out Gerard and their second baby on her Instagram!

She also has been enjoying the unexpected success of her new Disney movie, Zootopia. The sleeper hit has 99 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomato and has also done amazingly in box office.

“Disney’s Zootopia, the non-Pixar feature toon that just won’t calm down, has clicked past the $600 million mark worldwide, leaving such notable animated features like Tangled ($594M), The Croods ($587M), Monsters Inc. ($562.8M) and Cars 2 ($559.9M) in the dust,” reports Deadline.

It is doing particularly well in China. Even though it has been four weeks since its release, the movie “continues to enjoy strong word of mouth,” according to Los Angeles Times. In fact, it “is the first animated movie to cross the 1-billion renminbi ($165-million) mark in China.”

Check out a picture of the singer strutting her stuff on the red carpet!

Shakira did her part in Zootopia by lending her voice and strong ideas to her character Gazelle.

“It looked to me like she needed more hips [and] I asked them to give her more,” Shakira said according to Billboard. “And they did it!”

Sounds like Disney was open to making a movie that promoted a more realistic depiction of women everywhere!

Do you think her dedication to her new album will put a strain on her relationship with Milan, Sasha and Gerard? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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