‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Dropping Hints About Mystique’s Fate?

Jennifer Lawrence is an intelligent woman in addition to being a talented actress, which means she’s not the type to talk just to hear her own voice. When Jennifer speaks, it’s almost always with a specific message. So as she talks about wanting to return to the X-Men franchise, we should pay attention. Of course, she wants to return. Who wouldn’t be eager for more involvement in such a popular and lucrative franchise? What is Lawrence really saying?

Is X-Men: Apocalypse Star Jennifer Lawrence Telling Us Something About Mystique?

As X-Men: Apocalypse began production and news that Jennifer Lawrence would be returning as Raven/Mystique was revealed, the actress seemed less than enthusiastic about the prospect. As she participated in those early interviews, which took place about one year ago, Lawrence said discomfort caused by her X-Men make-up caused her concern. It was then that Jennifer said she was considering a retirement or a break from the X-Men franchise.

Now, after so much time has passed, Lawrence is telling a different story. Her change of heart may be partially due to an update in the way the actress is made up for her role as Mystique. Initially, Lawrence was subjected to full body prosthetics and paint in order to become Mystique, but changes in technology and practical special effects have allowed X-Men: Apocalypse‘s effects team to achieve an identical look with a skintight, full-body suit. Additionally, the teasers and trailers for X-Men: Apocalypse indicate Lawrence will appear as Raven in human form throughout much of the film.

Perhaps the change in the way she plays her character has helped her to change her outlook on playing Mystique in the X-Men films, and that may be all it is. Yet, one can’t help but notice Lawrence’s choice in words, as she talks about returning after X-Men: Apocalypse.

“I am dying to come back,” Jennifer says of playing Mystique.

Jennifer almost sounds like Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984, as she professes her love for Marvel’s X-Men franchise. Has Lawrence been brainwashed, or has something less nefarious happened?

“I love these movies, I love being in them. I love ensemble movies because it’s not on anyone’s shoulders.”

Perhaps, Lawrence is hinting at the possibility that something has occurred that would prevent Mystique from appearing in future films.

Teasers for X-Men: Apocalypse do show Apocalypse choking Mystique.

Three Rules That Helped Jennifer Lawrence Stay Fit For That Skin-Tight Mystique Body Suit

Lawrence’s outfit for X-Men: Apocalypse leaves very little to the imagination, so it’s no secret that Jennifer’s body is virtually flawless. Keeping herself so toned and fit required the help of a professional fitness trainer, Dalton Wong, and he’s now sharing the three rules that helped the X-Men: Apocalypse star to achieve such an attractive physique.

Working with Wong 10 to 12 hours a day has really paid off for Jennifer, but even a less intense plan will help others benefit from Wong’s tutelage. At least that’s his hope in putting out his new book, The Feelgood Plan, which was co-written with Kate Faithfull-Williams

“He changed my body for that movie but gave me the skills to change my life,” writes Jennifer Lawrence in the book’s foreword.

1. Portion control, not abstinence, is the key to avoid packing on the pounds. Wong says it’s fine to have a slice of chocolate cake at dinner with friends, but eating a whole cheesecake to alleviate stress is a big no-no.

2. When working out, focus on your weaknesses. If you’re a fan of running, the muscles used during those runs are probably in great shape. Lawrence’s trainer says it’s important to work on those areas that give you trouble, suggesting yoga to identify and strengthen those weak areas.

3. Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer, Dalton, says failing to recognize and manage stress derails many people in their attempts to change their lifestyles. Without healthy outlets for one’s stress, it will be far too easy to go for that cheesecake or skip out on the daily workout.

X-Men: Apocalypse, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn, James McAvoy, and Nicholas Hoult, will hit theaters on May 18.

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