Lala Kent Travels With Rich Men, But Does Not Get Paid To Sleep With Them

Ever since Lala Kent stepped onto the set of Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules, it seems like the reality star has had a lot of misogynistic and slut-shaming comments thrown her way. She has since addressed some of those comments on the three-part Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Lala Kent admitted on last Monday night’s reunion show that she hasn’t kept count of how many rich men she has traveled with. Kent said that she feels like an outcast from a lot of the people who work at Sur ever since she started working there. The 25-year-old server had to give away some of her shifts, so she could go on a trip to Italy with a wealthy man. At the time, Kent lied to Lisa Vanderpump that she was a model and had to travel, when really, men were paying her to accompany them on exotic vacations.

Fellow servers and cast members Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney assumed that Lala Kent was being paid to have sex with these men.

Even Andy Cohen asked Lala, “How many times have rich guys flown you to exotic places?”

She responded as both Cohen and her boss Vanderpump interrupted her, “I’ve lost count. Yeah.”

Despite the rumors that Lala has been traveling to these exotic places in exchange for sex, she admitted that she has not bedded any of these men.

“I’ve never slept with any of them. We just go, a bunch of friends, and have fun. I don’t see what the big deal is – I’m not spreading my legs.”

Cohen then mentioned that “the implication was that you were banging an older guy for a trip to Italy,” Kent admitted, “I definitely, watching it, see how it looks.”

“Guess what – if I were sleeping with one of them I’d wear it with pride. I’m not. I’m not the one getting laid on the trip,” the model declared.

“She says she’s not sleeping with any of them, it’s her business,” Lisa then added.

Even Lala Kent admitted earlier on in the season that she’s not paid to have sex with any of the men she travels with. Lala coolly said into the camera, “Obviously I’m not getting paid to have sex…[even though that] would be dope.”

She added that she just simply enjoys being taking care of, every so often. Check out Kent’s response in the GIFs below.


Then on the second part of the reunion show with the cast, Andy brought up the time in Hawaii when Lala swam topless in front of all of the couples and guys on the trip. Katie was obviously upset upon hearing the incident. Even though Katie insisted that she’s “not offended by boobs,” she admitted that she’s offended by Lala’s overly sexual behavior.

Kent revealed that she thought Maloney hated her for no reason. She then told Maloney to stop interrupting her while she was speaking, to which Maloney responded, “You know about wrapping up people and cutting them off, don’t you, Lala?”

Feminist news site Jezebel published an article about the reality star titled “A Tribute to Lala Kent, Vanderpump Rules’ Lonely Heroine.”

It’s obvious that Kent is comfortable with her “ratchetness” and her sexuality. Although she’s tough on the outside, she’s a kind girl who’s willing to stick up for other women. Even though she’s a “sloppy drunk” and hooks up with James Kennedy from time to time, her flaws make her somewhat an endearing feminist icon. Kent is sex positive and knows the difference between hooking up and dating someone, which many women on the show could learn from.

Lala Kent is the new underdog to root for. Watch part three of the Vanderpump Rules Season 4 reunion on Monday, April 4 at 9 p.m. EST.

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