Nathan Bates Confirms He Is In A Courtship In New ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Clip [Video]

Rumors have been flying for a while and it is finally official that Nathan Bates is in a courtship. The Bates Family Blog shared the news today. They said that it started around October, but the Bates family wasn’t ready to share the news just yet. Of course, they had to wait to let it air on their show. The courtship was not official until around the holidays, but Nathan Bates is courting Ashley Sayler.

Noah Pop TV shared a video of Nathan and Ashley that will air on an upcoming episode of Bringing Up Bates. In this clip, Nathan shares the details of their relationship. Nathan says that Ashley is his girlfriend and they have been together for several months. They decided to spend Thanksgiving together and make their rounds to see everyone.

Nathan’s dad explains that Ashley is Nathan’s girlfriend and they really enjoy spending time together, but they don’t get to see each other enough. Nathan then asks his parents to go to lunch and talk to him and it is obvious that this is going to be a serious conversation for the Bates family.

They use the word “large talk” to explain that they need to talk about things that are important. It could mean that one of the Bates kids is in trouble or they just need to talk about something they are going to do that is important. Of course, they don’t let the fans see what Nathan Bates is talking to them about just yet.

There is also a short clip on here where the younger Bates girls are taking mom and dad dinner. It was supposed to be a romantic dinner for the Bates family, but the next thing you know the little kids are all wanting to bring something out and things don’t go quite as planned. They really enjoyed watching all of the kids trying to make it special for them. The Bates’ kids do know how to make mom and dad happy. This was a big dinner for their anniversary and looked like they had a great time.

As TheInquisitr already shared, Nathan Bates and Ashley have been pretty close for a while now. On a recent episode of the show, Nathan talked about her but didn’t confirm they were dating. Ashley even came to the house to see him. He did say, “I’ve been thinking and praying over the past, you know, four or five months that me and Ashley have been talking. And, you know, there’s always things that you never know until they happen.” She has been seen coming to the house to visit on more than one episode of their show.

Nathan is already 22-years-old, so if things are serious with Ashley they could decide to get married before long. Big families like this don’t usually have really long courtships. Nathan and Ashley are not living near each other and don’t get to see each other enough. You never know what he might be talking to his parents about this week. Nathan and Ashley have already been courting a while and things are looking good for this couple.

Are you excited to hear that Nathan Bates is in a courtship with Ashley? Do you think they will be getting married soon? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss the new episodes of Bringing Up Bates when it airs on Thursday, March 31. This upcoming episode will be the one where Nathan talks about his courtship.

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