Lady Gaga Celebrates Birthday With Wedding To Boyfriend Taylor Kinney?

Lady Gaga celebrated her 30th birthday this year in style, but she may be covering a big secret from her fans. She might have gotten married to her long-time boyfriend Taylor Kinney and have already had a quiet wedding ceremony!

“This Saturday, Lady Gaga definitely celebrated her 30th birthday with Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen, et al. And she maybe celebrated something else,” reports ELLE. “Her (secret) marriage to fiancé Taylor Kinney. The two were photographed wearing matching gold bands at the party, with Gaga’s in place of her engagement ring.”

While the couple has gotten engaged, they have been much more secretive about their wedding plans. Seeing how big of a star Lady Gaga is, she may want this affair to be an intimate and memorable one, just for those close to her and Taylor.

She told Ryan Seacrest that she is looking to have something that is much more close to home. “We are not planning anything that is worth writing about,” she said, according to the same article.

Knowing how lavish and imaginative her shows are, this non-flashy wedding might come as a disappointment to her followers.

But Lady Gaga has been making a transition from her shock-worthy style of public presentation to something that is much more genuine and real. After her heartbreaking performance at this year’s Oscars, she has been searching for something that everyone can connect to, not just the fashionistas and avant-garde people.

So it was no surprise when the singer posed for her Twitter followers in a no-makeup selfie with her birthday cake.

That doesn’t mean that she forgot to dress it up for her birthday festivities. In typical Lady Gaga fashion, she showed herself off in an angular golden dress from YSL that brought out the rock-and-roll in her.

The birthday party of the decade happened at the No Name Club in Los Angeles where celebrities like John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Taylor Swift, and Kate Hudson flocked to wish the artist the happiest birthday.

“But the celebrity guest list didn’t end there,” reports ABC. “Singers Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Kylie Minogue and Ashlee Simpson were also snapped walking into the party along with her husband, actor Evan Ross. Also, actress Kathy Bates and DJ Mark Ronson were spotted celebrating Gaga.”

Looks like Lady Gaga had to spend most of her birthday night saying thank you to all the people that turned up to celebrate the special day with her.

Her career so far has been an incredible one. There are many milestones that she has set, but the special ones are that “she is the only artist with two 7-million selling downloads (‘Just Dance’ and ‘Poker Face’), the first person to reach one billion views on YouTube” and “the first person to reach 10 million Twitter followers,” according to Billboard.

But people are sure that the one person that she wanted the most to be there was Taylor Kinney.

Nowadays, the 30-year-old singer likes to post more about her boyfriend (or husband?) Taylor Kinney than her daring ventures into the world of couture. Her Instagram feed regularly features her boyfriend, who looks like he is more than happy to take part in her social media lifestyle.

These couple pictures are less posed and more casual, showing that they have nothing to hide from their fans as well as the world. A year ago, Gaga didn’t feature him as readily on her accounts, keeping her followers guessing on whether they were going strong or not.

But now they are engaged, the world has become very curious on whether they tied the knot with a secret wedding.

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