‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date Leaked Ahead Of Event, Game Releases September 30

Tonight, many Final Fantasy XV fans will eagerly await the major event Square Enix will use to reveal all the information fans have been waiting for regarding Final Fantasy XV. However, one piece of information has slipped out way early thanks to a now-private video from gaming news site Gamespot.

In the video, as reported by Kotaku, the release date for Final Fantasy XV was revealed, which confirmed an earlier report by news site Gematsu. The next installment of Final Fantasy will debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30, according to the video.

The video released by Gamespot on YouTube showed off some of the gameplay from Final Fantasy XV as well as the release date, which fans have been waiting for. In the video, a news ribbon towards the bottom of the screen showed that “Final Fantasy XV releases for PS4 and Xbox One on September 30.” The video has since been removed, but Kotaku saved the info via a screenshot that showed the date as well the Gamespot watermark.

FFXV Release Date final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV releases on Sept. 30, according to a Gamespot video. [Image via Kotaku]

People on Twitter have taken the news either with excitement or angrily at the leak, with many fans complaining that tonight’s big event has been spoiled. Others, however, have been using it as an event all its own.

Also revealed ahead of tonight’s event is a new demo hitting consoles for Final Fantasy XV. Previously, the consoles had a demo for Final Fantasy XV thanks to grabbing the re-release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. However, those demos didn’t fare well performance-wise, with Digital Foundry showing that they ran, for the most part, under the target 30-frames per second, especially on Xbox One, which ran at 792p compared to the PlayStation 4’s 900p presentation.

Curiously, though, the leak did not make mention of a PC version of the game, which is unsurprising given Square Enix’s history with PC titles. Typically, the game releases on consoles first, and then, most recently with the aforementioned Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, will release on PC. It’s definitely something that needs to happen, especially after Square Enix showed off their Luminous Engine running, unshackled, in a technical demo earlier last year.

The “Final Fantasy XV Uncovered” event happens this evening at the Shrine Auditorium in LA, but you can check out the event on either YouTube or Twitch. Release date leak aside, the event is bound to be full of information any Final Fantasy XV fan will be interested in seeing, especially for those who have been following this sojourn for the past 10 years. “Final Fantasy XV Uncovered” starts at 7 p.m. Pacific time, 10 p.m. Eastern, hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and Tim Gettys.

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[Image via Square Enix]

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