‘Destiny’ April Update Taken Armor, Vault Space, And More Detailed

Bungie dropped a load of new information Wednesday about the upcoming April update to Destiny via a Twitch livestream. PlayStation and Xbox players have some snazzy new sets of armor to look forward to earning along with new emotes to purchase, more vault space, and more.

One of the big questions to come from the Destiny April update teasers has finally been answered. The Taken armor shader is in fact not a shader, as was commonly assumed. It’s an all-new armor set called Desolate that can be collected for each of the three Destiny classes.

Desolate armor can be obtained from Sterling Chests received from the Postmaster every week from completing the Level 41 Prison of Elders mode and the weekly Crucible activity. Sterling Chests can also be purchased with Silver from the Eververse Trading Company.

The Desolate armor is unique in that the Taken look will not kick in until all pieces of the armor set are collected and equipped. Additionally, the Taken “Shiver” emote will also be unlocked when all pieces of the Desolate set are collected for a class.

The Sterling Chests all share the same loot table that guarantees one item and has the possibility to receive three. This includes the new Taken armor along with the new Spektar armor, ships, sparrows, Chroma, class items, reputation boosts, and more.

The Desolate and Spektar armor will only drop at Light level 3. They will have to be infused with other pieces of armor to bring up to a usable power level.

The good news is Infusion now fully upgrades an item to the higher Light level without taking any of the baby steps to get there. In other words, if you Infuse a 200 Light weapon with a 330 Light weapon, it will become a 330 Light weapon. If you Infuse a Light level 3 helmet with a 330 helmet, it will become a 330 Light helmet.

Destiny Sterling Treasure (PlayStation, Xbox)
The Sterling Treasure possible loot. [Image via Twitch]
Meanwhile, Faction packages will drop new Chroma-enabled gear up to Light level 330 going forward. Completing the Challenge of Elders grants the chance to receive up to 335 Light Chroma-enabled gear.

What is Chroma, you ask? It’s the new effect that gives the neon-like highlights to armor and weapons. Players can receive yellow, blue, red, and white Chroma from the Sterling Chests and apply them to individual pieces or armor and weapons to come up with their own look.

Classic Year One weapons such as the Shadow Price, Badger CCL, and others will return. These will be dropped through Legendary engrams and cannot be picked up through vendors. The existing Year One Legendary weapons cannot be upgraded.

Bungie has also confirmed that some more Year One Exotics will receive the Year Two treatment. So far, the Queenbreaker’s Bow, Patience and Time, Universal Remote, Lord of Wolves, Purifier Robes chest piece, Lucky Raspberry chestpiece, ATS/8 Arachnid helmet, and Eternal Warrior helmet have all been revealed via Destiny‘s Instagram account.

335 Light level weapons gear is also confirmed to drop from the following activities with the April update.

  • King’s Fall Hard mode
  • Iron Banner
  • Trials of Osiris
  • Strike exclusives
  • Exotic engrams
  • Court of Oryx artifact drops
  • Challenge of Elders

With all the new stuff added to Destiny, additional Vault space is necessary. Bungie has expanded the Vault to hold 108 weapons, 108 armor, and an unknown number of general items. Each tab for the weapons, armor, and items will have up to three of content to flip through.

And, of course, there are a host of new emotes coming. Some of the ones shown include the Night at the Roxbury head bob, Elaine’s spastic Christmas party dance from Seinfeld, Shia Lebouf’s “Just Do It,” sumo dancing, mind blown, and a rude taunting among others.

Finally, Bungie is offering a HUD-less option in the Destiny settings for those that enjoy taking screenshots of the game world or making machinima films.

[Image via Bungie / Activision]

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