Trevor Noah Earning Better Reviews For Stand-Up Act Than Host Of ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah may be having trouble garnering an audience for The Daily Show. However, his stand-up comedy tour is doing well, at least with the critics. The Chicago Tribune describes Noah’s performance at The Chicago Theatre as a break from his hosting job at Comedy Central.

“But regardless of what anyone thinks of his relative short tenure as a late-night TV host, Noah’s presence and skill as a stand-up comedian are undeniable. Like Ansari, he seems like a genuinely cheerful, likable guy who just happens to be incredibly driven.”

The review notes that since Trevor Noah was born to a black father and white mother during Apartheid in South Africa, he is able to successfully address race from many different perspectives. The only criticism was that, at times, Noah’s commentary seemed dated.

Those on Twitter who attended Noah’s show loved it.

In even better news for Trevor Noah, he was praised by comedian Keven Hart. East Coast Radio has the news.

“Kevin Hart has nothing but good things to say about Trevor Noah. The American comedian, who was the first guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, believes that South Africa should be ‘above and beyond’ proud of the SA comedian, who is taking the world by storm.”

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show'
Trevor Noah has earned praise from such comedians as Kevin Hart. [Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

The article quotes Kevin Hart as saying that Trevor Noah should be praised since he came over to the United States and didn’t try to become what he felt the States wanted him to be; he’s very proud of his heritage and where he comes from.

Meanwhile, Steve Knopper of the Chicago Tribune recently interviewed Trevor Noah, who had some interesting things to say about ex-presidential candidate Ben Carson.

“What I loved about Ben Carson was, he was harmless fun. Donald Trump is dangerous fun, which I think the country’s slowly starting to learn. Ben Carson’s just light fun. Ben Carson was almost like the weed of the race. No deaths reported, nothing crazy, nothing out-there, nothing destructive — you can just enjoy him with your friends. I’m going to miss that. I’m going to miss his language, style and his outlandish point of view.”

Ben Carson Candidate
Trevor Noah thinks Ben Carson was harmless and will miss him as a presidential candidate. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Noah also talked about his impressions of presidential candidates, which Daily Show viewers love. He says that it takes him a while to pick up what a person does and that he’s not an impersonator by nature. Noah also said that the angle his jokes come from is more important than whether or not the jokes are funny.

Unfortunately for Trevor Noah, Daily Show ratings haven’t been improving much, although they are not as disastrous as some made them out to be. According to cable news ratings that can be accessed at ShowBuzz Daily, Noah has consistently attracted less than 900,000 viewers a night and, at times, well below 800,000. Jon Stewart used to attract 2.5 million viewers a night. However, as Trevor Noah continues to gain critical acclaim, it’s quite possible that his audience numbers will rise as well.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]

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