Teresa Giudice On Joe’s First Days Behind Bars

Joe Giudice has been in jail for a few days, and as it turns out, his family hasn’t been taking it well. So far, he’s been in jail for a week, and wife Teresa Giudice is opening up about the difficult time.

Teresa, who served time for a little over a year, is now taking care of their four daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Audriana, and Milania, as Joe goes away for 41 months due to bankruptcy fraud.

The family attorney, James Leonard Jr., told E! Online that the day Joe went to prison was, as expected, emotional despite Giudice acting nonchalant towards his sentence days prior.

“It was obviously a very emotional day, but this is a very strong family with a tremendous support system and they will get through this, just as they did when Teresa was away.”

Although the family is incredibly strong, the Inquisitr previously reported that their daughters are suffering. A source told Radar Online that it’s been a heartbreaking experience for all of their daughters, but especially Milania.

“All the other girls are having a rough time of it, but Milania is having the hardest time,” the source said. “Milania is taking it very hard. She’s really upset.”

It’s said Milania is having such a hard time that Teresa ditched out on filming at a housewarming party to console her daughter.

“Milania was upset enough that Teresa didn’t show up at filming on Friday night at Dolores’s house. Teresa had to stay home and deal with her kids.”

Giudice has already remained strong, but sources say that seeing her children upset hasn’t been easy on the matriarch. That said, she isn’t letting Joe’s incarceration come before everything. She will still attend her sister-in-law’s fashion show.

“She won’t miss the fashion show because there will be too many cameras. But Friday night was at someone’s house and she didn’t care about that.”

One story that has emerged through this turmoil is the rumor that Joe Giudice allegedly cheated on Teresa while she was in jail. Teresa has addressed the rumors and told People Magazine that she hasn’t heard from anyone.

“No women has ever come up to me and said that my husband was having an affair with them.”

She continued, “It’s sad that if there are any women around him people take pictures of him and sell the photos to a magazine. I feel bad for him.”

Of the photos that surface of her husband with women, Teresa said that she knows all of the women and that they’re just friends. In fact, Teresa said she felt bad for Joe.

“I feel bad for him in a way. Because the poor guy, you know, he’s not doing that.”

The last we heard about Joe Giudice’s sentencing is that he might be deported to Italy, as he’s not a legal citizen of the United States. The Hollywood Reporter stated that Giudice will be deported back to Italy per a judge’s ruling.

In the report, it stated, “Giudice is not a U.S. citizen, and under federal immigration laws is to be deported to Italy after completing his sentence. With time off for good behavior, that could come in about 35 months, attorney Miles Feinstein said.”

Do you think Joe will get out for good behavior, and if he does, do you think the judge will stick to deporting the Real Housewives reality star?

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