Sheila Faith, John Edward Robinson: Internet ‘Slave Master’ Serial Killer Subject Of Tonight’s ‘Web Of Lies’ On Investigation Discovery

Sheila Faith, aka Sheila Dale Faith, was a 45-year-old single mother who went missing in 1994 and whose dead body was later found in a barrel, along with her wheelchair-bound daughter. Their story will air on tonight’s Web Of Lies—an Investigation Discovery crime documentary that focuses on murder victims who were killed by people they met online. Sheila Faith and her daughter, Debbie, were murdered by John Edward Robinson, a Kansas serial killer who lured women on the Internet by using the name “Slavemaster.”

Missing Mom–Lonely Heart

The case of Sheila Faith broke wide open in 2000 after her body was found in a barrel at a rental storage unit in Missouri. Three weeks later, her daughter Debbie Lynn Faith was also identified. Both women had suffered blunt force trauma before John Edward Robinson killed them and tossed them in the barrels. The women were found after police began investigating the disappearances of several other women who had vanished and were later found naked and decomposing in barrels on a remote farm in Kansas—a farm that was owned by John Edward Robinson, aka Slavemaster. Robinson was sentenced to death row for his crimes.

John Edward Robinson was a charming man who easily attracted the affections of many women. But, authorities say instead of loving them and leaving them, John loved them and killed them. He preyed on lonely women who were often looking for excitement in the dark world of sex and bondage, commonly referred to as (BDSM) Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission, and Sadomasochism. It isn’t something that people knew about John Edward Robinson in his real life, where he was seen as a respectable and wealthy businessman, who was married with four children.

According to the Los Angeles Times, people who knew Sheila Faith said that she was a very lonely woman whose husband had died the year before, leaving her to raise their daughter, Debbie, who was struck with spina bifida and was bound to a wheel chair.

“Spina bifida is a type of birth defect called a neural tube defect. It occurs when the bones of the spine (vertebrae) don’t form properly around part of the baby’s spinal cord. Spina bifida can be mild or severe.”

Sheila Dale Faith’s family lost contact with her in Fullerton, California, where she lived with her cancer-stricken husband for four years up until his death. After that, Sheila told her sister that she was moving to Kansas to start a new life. Investigators learned that before Sheila Faith and her daughter relocated to Kansas, they stayed in Colorado. At some point, she met John Edward Robinson in an Internet chat room, even though old newspapers, speculated that she possibly met him through a newspaper ad.

A Serial Killer Comes Into Focus

In Colorado, Sheila Faith told her friend that she’d met a rich man online who had promised to take good care of her and her disabled daughter. According to FindLaw court records, her friend warned that it was dangerous to go off with a man whom she’d met on the Internet. However, Faith seemed aloof about the dangers, instead expressing her excitement that the gentleman was going to take her on a cruise. After her disappearance, the friend checked her mail and learned that the woman’s disability checks had been forwarded to another address.

Authorities say the other address is where John Edward Robinson picked up the disability checks and cashed them for the next six years. It is believed that unlike some of the other victims, Robinson never had any intentions of having a romantic relationship with Sheila Faith. His sole interest in her had to do with money.

Other than Sheila and Debbie Faith, serial killer John Edward Robinson’s other victims are listed as 27-year-old Catherine Clampitt, 19-year-old Lisa Stasi, 21-year-old Izabela Lewicka, 49-year-old Beverly Bonner, 19-year-old Paula Godfrey, and 28-year-old Suzette Trouten.

Get the lowdown on some of the details of this case as you tune into Web Of Lies tonight at 9/8 p.m. central on Investigation Discovery.

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