Hillary Clinton Surprises Beyoncé — Is She Starring In Her New Music Video?

Hillary Clinton is giving Beyoncé a little surprise.

According to a new report by Us Weekly, Clinton allegedly recently surprised Beyoncé on the set of her new music video in California after she stopped by unannounced to see the singer in action working on her new music.

A source revealed to the site earlier this week that Beyoncé was filming her new music video in Los Angeles on March 24 and, when Hillary got word that the superstar was close by, she decided to make the impromptu trip to say hello to the pop superstar.

“Hillary made a surprise visit to the set,” the insider revealed to Us Weekly.

While the site’s source didn’t reveal if the big set visit meant Clinton landed herself a starring role in Beyoncé’s upcoming music video, the insider did tease that Beyoncé’s new music and subsequent video will likely drop sometime in April.

Clinton has certainly made no secret of her love for Beyoncé in the past, most recently telling campaigners during an event back in December that she actually wants to be as “good a president as Beyoncé.”

Speaking out to a slew of followers in Iowa on December 16 according to Billboard, Hillary revealed after a supporter quizzed her on whether she’d rather be “Beyoncé or president,” that she’s actually hoping to make as good at being the president of the United States as Beyoncé is at performing.

“Now, if I really had a choice, I’d rather be president because I can’t sing,” Hillary joked at the fundraising event, adding that “nobody would pay” to watch her dance or sing like Beyoncé. “Even when I was a way lot younger, it just wasn’t in the cards for me,” Clinton continued to the Beyoncé fan.

Hillary then continued to praise Beyoncé at the big Iowa event last year, admitting that the “Drunk In Love” singer leaves her “stunned” every time she hits the stage to perform.

“You see her on TV, it’s impressive. You see her in person, you’re just stunned. Thinking like, how does she do that?” Hilary continued of her obvious love for Beyoncé. “I mean, Beyoncé sings, she’s up, she’s down. It’s just amazing. So it’s just not in my astrological reading, I think.”

Hillary Clinton then told her supporters, “So I want to be as good a president as Beyoncé is a performer.”

Beyoncé also hasn’t been shy about her support of Hillary as she campaigns to become the next president, and the first female president, of the United States.

Last year, the Washington Post discussed Beyoncé’s support of Clinton with the host of MSNBC.com’s So Popular, Janet Mock, who admitted that Beyoncé’s public support of Hillary could sway a lot of voters Clinton’s way.

“I think that what Beyoncé’s power will do, as a feminist and as a public feminist and as a very public celebrity feminist, is that she’s going to push a lot of young women, just broadly, to look at Hillary,” Mock said of Beyoncé last year.

Clinton also made it clear that Beyoncé was behind her in her presidential run in May 2015, taking to Twitter last year to encourage her followers to “bey” on Team Hillary like Beyoncé. “Say you’ll Bey on #TeamHillary2016,” Clinton tweeted out at the time, alongside a photo of Beyoncé attending one of her fundraisers.

Watch Hillary Clinton gushing over Beyoncé at an Iowa fundraiser last year in the video below;


What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s decision to surprise Beyoncé on the set of her new music video?

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