‘Dual Survival’ Returns With Changes, Cast Information Revealed

While Dual Survival Season 8 wasn’t announced in a traditional way, it is still a go for the Discovery network. Season 7 was a bit of a change for fans, many of whom didn’t like what the network had decided to do. Dual Survival is one of the most-watched shows, and the change definitely impacted their normal ratings. The good news is there are plenty of changes coming for Season 8, most of which have now been announced. Dual Survival will be back for another season, and fans are ready to watch once again.

Last season, the Dual Survival co-host situation was a big problem for viewers. They were not happy with Bill McConnell. Grady Powell was also a co-host, but he was loved by fans. Dual Survival improved as the season went on, and the two began to interact more freely with one another, but it was clear the fans were not loving McConnell at all. According to Starcasm, Dual Survival is changing up the co-host situation for Season 8. Grady Powell will be returning, but a permanent co-host will not be put into place. Instead of two guys every episode, Powell will remain constant while the other seat will be filled with rotating people. This will be new for Dual Survival, but it appears that this option may be something fans truly enjoy.

The Discovery network has a slew of interesting reality shows aside from Dual Survival. In fact, some familiar faces may be seen on Season 8. Naked and Afraid has a huge following, and two former contestants will be showing up on Dual Survival. EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch will be appearing alongside Grady Powell during some of the adventures. This is incredibly exciting for fans who watch both shows. The survivalist challenges have been increasingly popular in recent years, and their fan bases expand to millions of viewers. Dual Survival is no different. Fans are eagerly anticipating Season 8, especially with all of the teaser photos being posted across social media.

Dual Survival is a show filled with danger at every turn. There have been several instances where some of the fans feared the survivalists wouldn’t make it. If you have ever wondered what happens behind the scenes, there is an episode that explains it all. According to Yahoo TV, Dual Survival aired an episode earlier this month that showed what it was like to film in the conditions these survivalists are dealing with. The adrenaline rush is something these survivalists crave, and the conditions are somewhat scary to deal with. From being on top of an active volcano to being in Bulgaria in the winter, there isn’t anything that Dual Survival won’t tackle.

There is no official air date for Season 8 of Dual Survival yet. The fact that Discovery did an unconventional announcement for the new season may have impacted the ability to release a season premiere date. They are currently filming Dual Survival as several photos have been posted across social media. Everything being changed around for Season 8 is for the benefit of the fans. After the complaints the network received about Dual Survival last season, they are actively trying to entice fans back into watching. The new cast and co-host shuffle seem to be a hit with the audience so far, with many expressing hope across social media.

During the new few weeks, more details will be emerging about Dual Survival and Season 8. Fans are hoping there will be a few more surprises on the way. The locations have yet to be announced, but the Bulgaria challenge was spoiled on social media. Dual Survival fans are waiting in the wings, ready to give honest feedback about the new co-host situation.

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