David Beckham Denies Rumors Of Marriage On The Rocks

Could David Beckham‘s latest tattoo be a sign of boredom with marriage? It appears that since the tattoo lover recently added another body art to his increasingly crowded man-hide as reported in Mail Online, rumors have been flying around about his marriage as being on the rocks. In fact, Radar Online claims on March 29 that David and Victoria are actually on a low-key divorce mode.

The source adds that the only reason that Becks and Posh are keeping mum about their true situation is they don’t want any drama in their life at the moment. It is also claimed that the couple will be making an announcement about their amicable separation very soon. To support this argument, the source claims that “It’s no secret that they lead separate lives.”

The case in point: “Indeed, while the fashion icon, 41, has been promoting her brand in Hong Kong and Seoul, her retired soccer star hubby, 40, is launching a new MLS team in Miami.”

While Hollywood Life reports essentially the same thing, the reasoning behind David and Victoria Beckham’s alleged divorce is different. It claims that it is about the money, although it doesn’t look like the Beckhams have any serious cash flow problems at this time. After all, David just made it to a Forbes list as the second highest paid retired athlete, as mentioned in The Guardian.

The Hollywood Life story cites Victoria’s increasing feeling of inadequacy from being periodically bailed out by her husband every time her fashion line loses money. The same source added that the former Spice Girl is worn out from the constant bickering and arguments surrounding the business, so much so that both have decided to put an end to their entrepreneurial partnership.

The report also mentions David’s spokesman to be in complete denial.

“There is not one ounce of truth to this story. Anyone saying it is on a form of hallucinogenic drugs and should come back to reality.”

Gossip Cop echoes the two reports to be complete fabrications with absolutely no basis in fact. It asserts that “the Beckhams separated their individual companies, and JOINTLY formed a new umbrella company that oversees them both. Far from ‘ending’ their partnership, David and Victoria are co-owners of Beckham Brand Holdings Limited.”

This is not the first time that the couple has been reported to be in divorce mode. But the fact remains that David and Victoria have been married for 16 years with four children to boot: Brooklyn, 17; Romeo, 13; Cruz, 11; and, Harper, 4. When rumors like these circulate, it is usually due to an observation or two being blown out of proportion.

Recent sightings of Posh looking haggard could have been just one of many possible triggers. As Radar Online concludes its article, “She looked skeletal in a pair of yoga pants while shopping at an L.A. Whole Foods with kids.”

Rumors like these must wear out the Beckhams, especially since all the tongue-wagging seems to occur every now and then. What is so amazing is how the couple has been able to shield all their children all these years from such scathing attacks on their otherwise stable, if not solid, marriage. These rumors are like germs, looking for a weakness to exploit in the duo’s collective immune system.

Some might say that these are part and parcel of being a celebrity couple. Being constantly under the microscope, all their actions are continually scrutinized, dissected like the proverbial frog on a petri dish. Still, like all human beings, the Beckhams are as entitled to privacy as everyone else.

What is your take on this issue? Should David Beckham, his wife, his children, his entire family suffer such meaningless media onslaught? Is there such a thing as dodging the bullets or developing some kind of immunity from these personal and familial attacks? Join The Inquisitr conversation by jotting your comments below.

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