Eileen Davidson On Lisa Vanderpump’s Manipulation: ‘The Truth Came Out’

Eileen Davidson feels as if she has been caught in the middle on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She feels that she’s been giving time, space and support to Yolanda Foster over her lyme disease, but at the same time, she’s been the sounding board for Lisa Rinna, who has plenty of questions in regards to Yolanda’s journey. During a heated conversation on the beach with Rinna, Eileen explained that she didn’t want to engage in any dramatic talks. According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson is now revealing that she’s seeing the truth come out, and maybe Rinna did have a right to be upset with some of her co-stars.

It’s no secret that she has been vocal about the Munchausen conversations. During the first few episodes of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rinna revealed that someone had engaged her in a conversation about Yolanda possibly making herself sick to get attention. While she didn’t really believe it, Lisa Vanderpump supposedly encouraged her to bring it up to Yolanda.

“On the trip to Dubai, the one thing that Rinna was not talking about was the bombshell she dropped at the beach back home about Vanderpump! During our Arabian Nights dinner, Lisa R. finally confronted Vanderpump about what happened the day Munchausen was brought up for the first time: that Lisa V. ran after Rinna and asked her ‘Why didn’t you bring Kyle into it?’ Vanderpump denied the whole thing, which was extremely frustrating for Rinna,” Eileen Davidson explains in her blog as the outsider of the entire drama.

But it sounds like Davidson is very pleased that her co-star finally brought it up the drama that had been happening behind the scenes. Viewers of the show only hear about things that are said, so it’s refreshing that someone is finally discussing it. Eileen has explained that things are going on behind the scenes, but she doesn’t understand why people can’t just talk about it openly. Now, it sounds like Eileen Davidson is learning about the things that her co-stars have been battling with behind the cameras.

“But at lunch at Nobu with Kyle and Kathryn, Kyle confirmed that Lisa V. was ‘planting seeds’ that day at her house, and that Lisa V. had said ‘I’m so glad that Rinna didn’t drag you into this Munchausen thing.’ The question is why was Lisa V. trying to inject Kyle into this situation at all? Kyle shut it down then by telling Vanderpump that if she tried to take her down, she would take her ‘down in flames’ with her! All I can say is ‘Whoa,’ ” Eileen Davidson explains of the drama, adding that she’s happy that the truth is now out.

“So, the truth came out. We know from what Lisa R. said that she would probably have never brought up the Munchausen’s thing without Vanderpump’s encouragement, and although Lisa V. and Kyle are released of responsibility from saying the word, they were talking about Yolanda’s illness as much as Rinna,” Davidson points out.

It is definitely interesting to see this unfold from Eileen’s perspective. Many of the Real Housewives stars are invested in their own stories and perspectives, so it’s interesting to see how Eileen Davidson is handling everything from a distance. But she can’t really stay innocent in everything that’s happening on the show, especially when it comes to Vanderpump. According to Radar Online, the two are still at odds over the Yulin Festival protest that the veteran star put together. Eileen Davidson had supposedly made a joke about the dogs that were killed every year at the festival, a joke that didn’t sit well with her co-star. Now, the two ladies aren’t speaking, but it sounds like Davidson doesn’t take it that seriously.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson’s comments on the manipulation? Do you think the truth came out about Vanderpump?

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