Kourtney Kardashian Snapchat Nude ‘Shuts Down’ Snapchat

Wow! Kourtney Kardashian’s Snapchat gets more interesting every day. After coming late to the Kardashian social media party, Kourtney is proving that her Snapchat is totally worth following. Her latest pic just proves that Kourtney is really coming into her own, and it doesn’t look like she’s planning to slow down anytime soon.

According to Hollywood Life, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star decided to go all out, and nearly nude, with her new Snapchat pic. She stripped down to racy black lingerie to take a selfie to post to the social media platform, and the picture is gorgeous. Kourtney was doing a photo shoot and decided to share what might have been her all-around favorite pic on Snapchat. She captioned it “The Grand Finale,” and it is so grand that it just about shut down Snapchat!

The almost nude photo, which shows a lot of Kourtney under the barely-there matching black bra and panties, is beyond hot. In fact, it’s so far beyond hot that gossip site Perez Hilton dubbed Kourtney’s Snapchat photo a triple X “seXXXy.”

Some fans think that the nearly-nude photo was a sign that Kourtney might be trying too hard to keep up with her social media queen sisters, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Kylie is especially all over Snapchat and even gave big sis Kim a nudge out of the way on Instagram and Twitter. Now it looks like Kourtney may give both of her sisters more than a nudge.

Putting her body on full display is the way to compete with Kim and Kylie, since they have both been very open about sharing sexy nudes and racy fashion shots on social media. It certainly gets fans’ attention, and Kourtney has realized the truth of that. Not long ago, she even did a fully nude photo shoot, although she didn’t post those shots to Shapchat. It was part of the KUWTK show, though, so everyone saw her nude body even without sharing on social media.

Kardashian is really going for it on Snapchat, even sharing some funny and nearly intimate moments with her ex, Scott Disick. The day before the nearly-nude photo share, Kourtney and Scott were joking around in a Snapchat video and lit the internet up when Scott said they were getting back together.

“Hey, so um, we wanted you guys to hear it first, we are getting back together,” he said as he and Kourtney sat close together.

Kardashian didn’t confirm that news as so many fans were hoping she would. She only laughed at Scott, and yelled, “No!” at the camera. Disick wasn’t taking that “No!” too seriously, though, and confidently pulled Kourtney close for a kiss.

Disick may have been the reason for Kourtney showing off more of her hot body too. When she shared a barely-there bikini pic on Instagram last week, there was a lot of speculation that it was all meant to entice him back into her arms. The pics were racy enough, and fans thought they made Kardashian look just as good as the 20-year-old that her ex was said to be dating.

Regardless of Kourtney’s relationship with Scott, her relationship with Snapchat is just getting better and better!

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]

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