Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson — Why Were They Bickering?

Ever since Dan Wootton claimed that former BFFs Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson fell out spectacularly in 2012, One Direction fans have wondered if there is truth to this massive claim, which came as an especially big shock to “Larry” shippers, who imagined that the two had been tearing each others’ clothes off in private, not requesting separate transport because they could not stand the sight of one another.

Fans had indeed observed that Louis and Harry seemed less affectionate towards each other beginning around 2012. There were many theories about this, ranging from the idea that Modest Management had upped their Larry cover-up efforts because fans were on to them, to the theory that Tomlinson and Styles themselves were attempting to discourage “Larry” rumors. Louis Tomlinson spoke up about this, saying that the gay rumors were “affecting the way [he and Harry] are in public” and asking persistent shippers to desist, according to the Mirror.

The Sun bombshell that Louis and Harry in fact fell out years ago has not been fully explored. We only know that it happened sometime in late 2011/early 2012, when the guys abruptly stopped living together. The dreamboats have kept the details of the rift private.

“Apart from Harry and Louis, no one knows exactly what caused the falling out — they didn’t even tell the other boys the full details…But it was very serious and their friendship has never recovered. Everyone involved in the band is well aware of the animosity between them.”

Here are some thoughts about why two of the world’s biggest pop stars may have fallen out.

Harry was always single while Louis was coupled up

Could this have caused tension between the roommates? Harry was single for much of the time he lived with Louis, who was well into his romance with long-term girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

Harry ditched Louis to spend Christmas with the Grimshaws

Remember this funny tweet from Christmas 2011? It seems Nick Grimshaw pressured Harry to come and spend Christmas with himself and his dad, who botched Harry’s name the first time they met.

We know that Louis and Nick Grimshaw do not particularly like each other. Maybe Louis was fed up with seeing Grimmers at their pad all the time, and Nick stealing Harry for Christmas was the last straw!

Louis was scandalized by the Caroline Flack romance

If this was the case, many One Direction fans were with Louis on this one! Late in 2011, the press was awash with stories that Caroline and young Harry were an item. Jaws dropped around the world as the curly-haired 17-year-old began bedding the pretty cougar, as reported by The Mirror.

It seems Christmas 2011 was also a period when Harry was staying away from booze — The Mirror reports that Simon Cowell sent Harry and Louis some alcohol-free champagne because Harry was staying sober. Perhaps this caused tension between the flatmates as Louis filled the rooms with booze-fueled mirth late into the night, or when Harry rose early to begin Pilates training and woke his hungover flatmate.

Which brings us to…

Harry has bizarro healthy lifestyle habits, and Louis is a beer-imbibing carnivore

Harry has been described as a health nut and Louis as quite the opposite.

This might sound like a small thing, but remember that we are talking about flatmates who shared a fridge and dining table, planned meals around one another, and tripped over one another constantly.

The other One Direction guys have even reportedly mocked Harry for his love of green tea and sushi.

The Daily Star reports that it was Harry’s mate Nick Grimshaw who inspired the health food kick. Louis’ nemesis strikes again!

“His pal Nick Grimshaw initially got him into it…But the other boys are now betting money on when he’ll crack.”

Why don’t they write together? Is it Harry’s Free Love fixation?

Harry loves to write songs that reflect his freedom-first approach to love. Kendall Jenner described Harry’s approach to their romance as “loosey goosey.” Harry even wrote a song for Ariana Grande about “being in an open relationship.” Harry chose the theme himself, according to the Daily Mail.

“It’s about loving somebody so much that you’re willing to share them with somebody else and being OK with that.”

Louis is more a fan of writing songs about the deterioration of long-term serious affairs and the complicated emotions that arise at such times, a la “Love You Goodbye.”

Was this the source of some creative differences? Perhaps Louis and Harry found they were not in sync when it came to lyrical themes, and Louis turned to current songwriting pal Liam Payne instead.

Did Louis take too much control over One Direction?

This was the only hint Dan Wootton gave in his actually-quite-awful article. Apparently, Louis is highly ambitious and “took control of One Direction,” setting himself up as “the business brains.”

“He’s made some ridiculous decisions, like refusing to let 1D perform at the Brit Awards because they wanted more time off…He even managed to convince Cowell to give him his own record label at Syco to keep him happy.”

Perhaps Harry was not on board with some of Louis’ decisions, and the friendship between the hunks suffered as a result.

Are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson still buddies?

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