Has Kaley Cuoco Found ‘Big Bang’ Love With Equestrian Karl Cook?

Has Norman Cook, Kaley Cuoco’s precious rescue dog, let us in on a little secret? Based on a cozy Instagram photo on Norman’s account, it appears that his Big Bang Theory owner Kaley Cuoco has found romance with equestrian Karl Cook. No surprise that Norman approves—Cook apparently likes to show affection towards Kaley in that special way that Norman relates to!

In the intimate Instagram photo, Cook playfully licks Kaley’s forehead, while Cuoco is totally focused on taking aim at an outdoor shooting range.

After months of buzz about her love life and tabloid rumors of a reunion with former boyfriend and her Big Bang Theory husband, Johnny Galecki, this Instagram, complete with heart emoji, stopped any speculation of a reunion.

So, who is this new man in her life?

Like Kaley, Karl is also a dedicated equestrian. A championship rider, Cool recently won the $25,000 SmartPack Grand Prix. Four years her junior, the 26-year-old Cook comes from a serious equestrian family, as mother Signe and sister Annie are avid equestrians. The family is more than avid riders. They even own several stud stallions used at the famed Pomponio Ranch. Family success does not stop there. Odds are, you currently use Quicken or recently filed your taxes with TurboTax by the company Inuit Software — his billionaire father cofounded that company.

The two seem perfectly matched. Besides their equestrian skills, the Instagram shows that they also like to laugh, too. Entertainment Tonight reports that Cook is described as “quiet,” but does have a “goofy” side. Fans of Cuoco will be pleased. This sounds like a perfect match.

Last September, Kaley announced her split from professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Their whirlwind three-month courtship resulted in a romantic New Year’s Eve wedding. Her fans were ecstatic Kaley finally found true love. Her path took her down some u-turns before meeting Ryan. After her split from her secret relationship with Galecki, she was briefly engaged to addiction specialist Josh Resnik.

Once married to Sweeting, Cuoco changed her hair, and suddenly she and everything around her seemed lighter and happier. Even her character, Penny, on the Big Bang Theory transformed, as well. As the marriage went on, rumors began to fly. The couple continued to look strained. Cuoco’s career continued to soar on The Big Bang Theory while Sweeting’s tennis career was going nowhere. During most of their marriage, Sweeting was unable to join the ATP circuit due to injuries and his last professional match was about a month before their separation announcement.

After the marriage dissolved, Kaley focused on her beloved animals, equestrian passion, and yoga.

How did she keep so graceful and looking better than ever after such a difficult time? As she told ET, Kaley credits yoga for her piece of mind.

“Yoga is the secret… Yoga is the reason that I have been [looking great]. It has done everything, mentally and physically. I love it.”

Her lifelong passion for horses has not gone by unnoticed. In February, the Humane Society Awarded Kaley with Horsewoman of the Year. Since her split with Sweeting, her dog Norman’s Instagram has been filling up with photos of Kaley with her horses. The now single Cuoco even remodeled a room with decadent horse racing wallpaper! While there is no actual story of how Cuoco and Cook met, it is clear that their mutual equestrian love brought the couple together. Cuoco was doing what she loved when she met him. We don’t know whether this will become a long-term relationship or a spring fling.

Right now fans are just giddy and smiling at the quirky Instagram. After months of living single everyone is glad that Cuoco’s life looks romantic again.

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