Kevin Hart Instagram Hacked — Who The Heck Is Lucu2016?

Kevin Hart’s Instagram page was put through the wringer last night. After seeing so many of Kevin Hart’s South Africa posts, this “Lucu2016” popped up like…

Kevin Hart Instagram Hacked — Who The Heck Is Lucu2016
Kevin Hart’s Instagram page has been hacked. [Image via Instagram]
“Somebody come and look at this!” As can be seen from the comments and posts, Kevin Hart’s followers didn’t know what was happening. You can see that the comments weren’t favorable. After Kevin was hacked, this person posted several other uploads to his page in an effort to promote various accounts.

The last “clickable” post from Kevin Hart was the following Instagram upload.

The aforementioned photo actually wasn’t the last photo Kevin Hart posted. He posted photos with his companion, as well as various videos. However, none of Kevin’s material — after the above picture — was accessible. This is how Kevin’s Instagram looked.

Kevin Hart Instagram Hacked — Who The Heck Is Lucu2016 II
Lucu2016 is posting any and everything to Kevin Hart’s Instagram [Image via Instagram]
Nevertheless, since Kevin Hart couldn’t post to his Instagram, he took to Twitter to express his concerns. For obvious reasons, Hart wondered why people are so weird.

Accordingly, there’s a buzz circulating about Kevin’s “inconvenience.” Some people were rejoicing that Hart was hacked, while many others found the situation funny — yet they would rather have Kevin back on his own page. If you would like to keep up with the topic, it’s here on Twitter.

As time passed, Kevin Hart’s account seemed to undergo various changes. However, Instagram administration changed the account’s name back to “KevinHart4Real.” They stepped in to recover the page and also deleted the uploads which no longer worked. The “Lucu2016” individual is now a private page with no photo. It might be on the verge of being deactivated.

Kevin Hart Instagram Hacked — Who The Heck Is Lucu2016 III
Looks like Kevin Hart’s page is being recovered. [Image via Instagram]
Earlier in the week, Kevin Hart posted several photos and videos about his experience in South Africa. Kevin and his companion enjoyed everything from incredible sights to breathtaking animals.

Actually, had there not been a fence between Kev Hart and “Mr. Lion,” his experience could have turned into a real situation.

However, Kevin Hart did show heart while among African wildlife. Yet, as courageous as he may have been, his companion wasn’t feeling it — according to Kevin. In one post’s captions, he states as follows.

“I said ‘baby look at your King petting another King’!!!!! She said ‘Shut yo Dumba** up & pay attention before you get us killed’ I said ‘You right’.”

According to Eyewitness News, Kevin Hart has stated that he’ll return to South Africa to promote his initiative, “Move with Hart.” The source notes that it deals with his Nike endorsement. As you might have noticed from Kevin’s Instagram page, he spends a lot of time in the gym. The news source mentions, “He has teamed up with Nike, to promote personal fitness and encourage healthy lifestyles.” In addition, the source quotes Kevin Hart as follows:

“I am going to have to frequent these parts. I would love to do my ‘Move with Hart’ events here. That’s something else I am trying to grow on an international level as well.”

Apparently, his African experience affected him in a positive way. The news source mentioned that he didn’t know how he would be received in South Africa. However, the people showed him a lot of love, as is shown from his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Yet, to digress, there has been no more word from “Lucu2016” since administration stepped in to recover Kevin’s page. How do you think the hacker targeted the comedian’s personal profile, specifically? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Instagram]

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