‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Grows Suspicious, Quinn Grows Desperate, And Katie Needs Brooke’s Help With A Secret

Quinn is going to be scrambling more than ever before on Wednesday’s show according to the latest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful. Liam is anxious to regain his memories and he is becoming a bit suspicious while Wyatt and Steffy are about to get married. Katie is desperate to cover up her drinking but she runs into a bit of an obstacle during the March 30 show.

As viewers saw on Tuesday’s show, Katie tried to seduce Bill, but he became suspicious that she had been drinking. She had been, but she swore to her husband she had not. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that things are about to get even more complicated for Katie.

Something happens in this next episode that has Katie desperate and needing help from Brooke. Does Brooke catch her sister drinking again? That seems to be the likely scenario, and this would be a big problem for Bill if he found out.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week from Soap Central detail that two siblings will be working together to save a marriage. It seems likely this is referring to these two sisters and whatever it is that comes up on Wednesday’s show. Will Brooke really keep a big secret, likely about Katie’s drinking, from the love of her life Bill?

Quinn is desperate to keep Liam from remembering his former life and returning home, and she has decided that they need to leave the cabin and head off to parts unknown. Liam is getting closer and closer to remembering Steffy, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that he will be working on a sketch of her face later in the week.

During Wednesday’s episode, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Liam will be growing suspicious of his supposed wife. She is anxious and scrambling and he is starting to ask more questions than she can keep up with. Soon he will find or figure out something apparently pretty telling, but he will decide to keep what he finds out to himself for now.

Is this referring to the glimpses of Steffy’s face he is seeing, perhaps? He had told Quinn he was seeing their wedding, but that he couldn’t see her face. Soon, however, he will be able to see his bride’s full face. While he will most certainly be confused by the fact that this bride clearly is not Quinn, he seemingly doesn’t question her about it at this point.

While there is apparently a difficult discussion ahead between Katie and Brooke in Wednesday’s show, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Brooke and Bill will be talking as well. He will be asking if she believes that Katie isn’t drinking, and it seems clear that she hedges and worries about how to answer.

Brooke will surely want to be honest with him, but she is also anxious to try to repair her relationship with her sister. After many ups and downs between the two Logan women, it sounds as if Brooke will decide to stand by her sister.

As the week continues, viewers will see many gather at the beach for Wyatt and Steffy’s wedding. Quinn will attend, leaving Liam alone at the cabin. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that he will have a significant breakthrough while he is alone and this may set the stage for big shake-ups in the coming week. How do you think Liam will react when he finally realizes Quinn has been lying to him all this time?

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