Blake Shelton Criticized For Flirting With Young Model, Not Casting Gwen Stefani In ‘Came Here To Forget’ Music Video

Blake Shelton offered fans the first glimpse of his new music video for “Came Here to Forget” during the Tuesday night premiere of Deadliest Catch, and it looks like no crabs were harmed in the making of the video. However, Blake did crush the hearts of Shefani fans everywhere by flirting with a girl who looks half Gwen Stefani’s age.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a short clip of the black-and-white music video was shown during a Deadliest Catch commercial break, and a link to the full video was shared on the Deadliest Catch Facebook page. It stars Blake Shelton, a young woman with dark blonde hair and a body like a Victoria’s Secret model, a bar, and a gorgeous beach. The woman is shown frolicking in the sand and surf while seagulls swoop around overhead, and she and Blake bond over a drink at a beach-side bar. Blake also spends a little time on the beach, but he stays true to his country roots by rocking jeans and cowboy boots instead of board shorts.

You can watch Blake Shelton put a smile on the mystery lady’s face while they share a toast in the “Came Here to Forget” music video below.

A few of Blake Shelton’s fans have expressed their disappointment that such a young-looking girl was cast as the 39-year-old country crooner’s love interest—after all, Blake is dating a woman who is seven years older than him in real life.

“This is creepy… Gwen should’ve been the model, that girl is way too young,” one YouTube user wrote.

“This video seems creepy to me. The girl looks so young……like she could be his daughter,” another commented.

Blake Shelton Debuts Came Here To Forget Music Video
The girl in Blake Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget” music video (Image via Blake Shelton/YouTube)

Numerous other fans expressed their disappointment that Gwen Stefani wasn’t cast alongside Blake Shelton, but maybe the beloved couple will appear together in a music video in the near future. According to People, they recorded a duet that will be included on Blake’s new album, If I’m Honest. The record will be released on May 20, and surely Blake would release his duet with his girlfriend as a single — it would definitely be a big hit with Shefani fans.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s first music videos of 2016 have something in common: they both feature a bar. However, Blake’s video for “Came Here to Forget” isn’t quite as ambitious as Gwen’s video for “Make Me Like You.” As Entertainment Tonight reports, Gwen Stefani starred in a fast-paced, live music video that aired during the Grammy Awards. At one point, Gwen visits a bar called “Blake’s.” Gwen’s lucky boyfriend got to take home the neon sign bearing his name as a memento of her sweet shout-out.

There don’t appear to be any shout-outs to Gwen Stefani in the “Came Here to Forget” music video, and the song actually isn’t based on Blake’s relationship with Gwen. According to Rolling Stone, the song was penned by Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan, not Blake Shelton. However, it certainly could be about Gwen and Blake — it’s a song about two brokenhearted people bonding over their similar pain and quickly forming such an intense connection that they forget their exes. As most Shefani fans know, Gwen and Blake got together a few months after their respective divorces from Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert.

“Misery loves company, that’s why it’s you and me,” Blake croons in “Came Here to Forget.” Perhaps it’s not entirely coincidental that Gwen penned a song about Blake titled “Misery.”

Blake Shelton fans might get a chance to see him perform “Came Here to Forget” live at the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, April 3. Blake isn’t hosting the show this year, but Rolling Stone reports that he’s set to perform during the awards ceremony. There’s no word on whether Gwen Stefani will be attending the ACM Awards with her boyfriend, but it might be hard for her to squeeze it into her very busy schedule. According to Entertainment Weekly, she’s set to perform on Saturday Night Live the night before the event, and she might not want to make the trip from New York to Las Vegas, which is where the ACM Awards are being held.

Do you think Blake Shelton’s love interest in the “Came Here to Forget” music video looks too young? And do you think Gwen will attend the ACM Awards with her cowboy beau?

[Image via Blake Shelton/YouTube]

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