Katt Williams Family Wants Him In A Hospital, But Is He Better Off In Jail?

More trouble is on the horizon for bad boy stand-up comedian Katt Williams. Earlier this week, Williams confused and horrified fans when a video emerged of him punching young boy. The video initially released of the assault shows a young man nearly Katt Williams’ height standing in front of him while the comedian leans against a brick wall. A few moments into the verbal altercation, Williams throws a right hook at the young man’s jaw. Then the video skips forward, showing Katt Willams and the young man on the ground, with Williams in a wrestling hold. Initial reports claimed that the young man was a seventh grader.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Williams chalked the altercation and assault up to a case of hood politics and youthful disrespect. According to Williams, he and the young man, identified as 17-year-old Luke Walsh, argued after Williams ended a soccer game his team was winning. Katt Williams claims he was trying to teach Walsh a lesson — don’t raise up on grown men.

But it may be Katt Williams who ultimately learns the lesson. The comedian’s already damaged brand took a hit when a video of him punching Walsh emerged. The first video, a short clip of the altercation and assault, gave no context to Williams’ actions. Some fans laughed at Williams’ predicament as Walsh placed him in a chokehold. Others wrung their hands. Why was Katt Williams around so many kids in the first place? Where were Williams’ handlers, and why didn’t they de-escalate the situation? Why has Katt Williams been in so much legal trouble lately? All this at a time when Katt Williams can’t afford the renewed scrutiny of law enforcement. Now, Williams’ family is reportedly stepping in and demanding that the comedian gets professional help.

Comedian Katt Williams' family wants him hospitalized.
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According to TMZ, unidentified members of Katt Williams’ family want the 42-year-old comedian hospitalized for the sake of his mental health. As evidence of Katt Williams’ deteriorating mental state, a source close to the family claims the comedian was naked and covered in chocolate when police raided his Georgia home earlier this month.

Williams fired back that his “so-called family” only want him out of the way so they can lay claim to his assets. And according to Williams, this isn’t the first time his family has tried to have him hospitalized. In fact, his family has been trying to do it for years. And there may be more truth to that than new Katt Williams fans expect.

Twice in the past four years, Katt Williams fans have watched in confusion and horror as their favorite comedian seemingly went off the rails. Katt Williams was arrested 5 times between November, 2012, and January, 2013. During the special Kattapacalypse, a tearful Williams thanked fans for their support and admitted that he’d been arrested 14 times in 46 months.

“Understand you can only get arrested about six times before it ain’t fun no more.”

But as Williams noted, none of his arrests amounted to jail time. Katt Williams’ most recent string of arrests and legal issues might change that.

Incidents in California and Georgia could land Williams multiple prison sentences.
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In 2014, Williams and former rap mogul Suge Knight were arrested in California on robbery charges. A photographer claimed that Knight and Williams stole her camera, and had a female associate assault her. Both Williams and Knight claim that the photographer took unauthorized pictures of Knight’s 5-year-old son, which she refused to delete. Williams and Knight bailed themselves out of jail, but Knight’s bail was revoked after he ran over a man with his truck during an altercation that began on the set of Straight Outta Compton.

According to Perez Hilton, Georgia law enforcement raided Williams’ home in early March, 2016, after a former bodyguard accused Williams of assault. Officers found firearms and large quantities of marijuana, both of which Katt Williams faces charges for. Now, Georgia police are investigating Katt Williams for the late March assault on 17-year-old Luke Walsh.

Katt Williams may not believe he belongs in a psychiatric hospital, but it’s getting hard to believe that he doesn’t belong in jail.

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