Burt Reynolds Says Nude Cosmo Photo Was A Mistake, Reveals He Likes Donald Trump

Burt Reynolds uttered three revelations during his appearance at the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival. The acting legend said his nude photo shoot for Cosmopolitan was a mistake, he feels Barack Obama has “messed things up,” and admitted to liking Donald Trump.

The Smokey and the Bandit star can laugh about the nude photo shoot now and is a bit tickled that fans have suddenly developed a new appreciation for the then-scandalous photo. Burt Reynolds told SXSW reporters that he had to toss back more than a few drinks to shed all of his clothes and lay down on the bear skin rug.

Reynolds had this to say about the nude Cosmo photo spread which some had predicted would end his career.

“I thought I’d made a horrible mistake and I wished I hadn’t done it! A lot of people took it in the spirit that it was meant. They saw that I was smiling and it was meant to be a Playboy takeoff. I had fun, but as I remember the only way I could do it was I had to have a few toddies before … quite a few, in fact. It took a few hours and then I kind of wobbled home. I wobbled in there and I wobbled out, and hoped for the best.”

Burt Reynolds recently released a book about his life. The But Enough About Me memoir tidbits about the romance between the Hooper star and Sally Field nearly broke the internet. Many die-hard fans of both talented performers had long hoped for a reconciliation — but one does not yet appear to be on the horizon.

When the SXSW chat turned to the topic of politics, Burt Reynolds did not hold back when sharing his thoughts on both President Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Unlike many Hollywood celebrities, the actor is not a liberal. He considers himself an independent and not a Democrat or a Republican, according to the Daily Beast.

The actor’s nearly life-long friend and Deliverance co-star, Jon Voight, recently came out and endorsed Donald Trump.

Reynolds, 80, had this to say about who he will be voting for in the 2016 presidential election.

“I don’t think there’s any question that Donald is going to be nominated. You know, our current president has kind of messed things up the last four years. But I don’t know who I would vote for.”

Burt Reynolds and Donald Trump go back a long way. In the early 1980s, both men were involved in the United States Football League. The actor was co-owner of the Tampa Bay Bandits, and the real estate investor owned the New Jersey Generals. Reynolds revealed in his book that he blamed Trump for causing the fledgling football league to fold. Burt maintains it was Trump who put his “personal ambitions” above the best interests of the league, and ultimately led to its downfall.

The movie star has not yet decided who he will vote for come November. He voiced concerns that Donald Trump would lead the nation into a war because he feels the GOP front runner is “all for certain things.”

“I like him very much personally. I know him, and I like him. He’s always been nice and sweet and kind to me. But he seems to be like a sheriff that’s quick on the draw,” the 1970s heartthrob added, according to a Washington Times report.

What do you think about Burt Reynolds nude Cosmo photo shoot hindsight, and his views on Donald Trump?

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