‘The Bachelor’: Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Get Advice From ‘Bachelorette’ Alum Ryan Sutter

Ben Higgins stated several times during his Bachelor journey that he worried things were “too easy” with Lauren Bushnell. He also felt like things with Lauren may be “too good to be true.” Now that the final rose has been handed out — along with a 4.25-carat diamond ring — things may still be good, but they’re not easy as Ben and Lauren begin to build a life together off camera.

Ryan Sutter, who met his wife, Trista, on the first season of The Bachelorette, knows a thing or two about what Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell may face now that the show is over. Ryan Sutter offered Ben and Lauren some words of advice in a heartfelt blog post in the days leading up to The Bachelor finale.

Ryan Sutter shared some details about how Lauren Bushnell may have been feeling as she watched the details of Ben’s other relationships unfold on television. Although it was 2003 when he was in Lauren’s position, Sutter remembers what it was like to see Trista date, kiss, and develop serious feelings for other people.

“Though it has been awhile, I was there, in this poor girl’s shoes watching the person of your dreams dating, kissing and, in Ben’s case, falling in love with someone else. And even if you don’t really watch it, you feel it. You can’t escape the noise of it. It surrounds you, eating away at the confidence and love that was so easy at first.”

Ryan said frequent reflection will allow Ben and Lauren to overcome these obstacles. Sutter explained it will help Ben Higgins understand how to reassure Lauren that he is now devoted to only her.

“For Ben, reflection can provide the perspective needed to understand the thoughts driven into his girl’s head as a result of the difficult Bachelor process. He can begin to comprehend the steps necessary to repair any damage or lost trust and place focus on demonstrating the depth of his feeling for her and only her.”

Ryan Sutter said reflection will allow Lauren Bushnell to put the painful parts of the Bachelor process behind her and focus on a joyful future with Ben Higgins. Following Ryan’s advice will hopefully keep Ben and Lauren from falling victim to the doubts and jealousy like so many others before them.

“… reflection will shine light on the path forward, allowing her to accept that going on The Bachelor was a choice with known consequences yet capable of great reward. Though she is feeling the consequences, reflecting on the reward and the vast potential within it will carry her from the depths of doubt to the certainty and joy of a future with Ben.”

Apparently, Ryan Sutter was on Team Lauren because his final piece of advice for Ben Higgins was to “pick Lauren B.”He also tweeted during The Bachelor finale that he could see “something special” between Ben and Lauren.

Ben and Lauren may be able to get more words of wisdom from Ryan and Trista Sutter in person soon. Trista tweeted her excitement over the news that Lauren will be moving to Denver to be with Ben, saying she can’t wait to hug them both.

Whether they’ve read Ryan Sutter’s advice or not, it seems like Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are working things out as they navigate their new relationship. As ABC News reports, Lauren opened up about feeling angry at Ben after seeing him with the other women, saying tough discussions have taken place.

“There’s been times where I’ve felt angry or sad or confused but I’ve never been in his shoes before. So a lot of discussions… haven’t necessarily been fun but they’ve been really good for our relationship.”

Lauren Bushnell credits Ben Higgins for being “such a good listener and so good at understanding,” which has helped her get through the difficult parts of their post-Bachelor life.

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