‘Holmies’ – The Term James Holmes Groupies Are Calling Themselves In ‘Fan’ Postings Online

“Holmies” is the term fans of accused mass murderer James Holmes are calling themselves online. The accused Aurora movie theater shooting suspect has groupies who are posting messages and photos of themselves in James Holmes “favorite clothes” and drinking “Slurpees” on the Internet, the Daily Mail reports. In a video of James Holmes recorded during a science camp when he was 18, he stated owning a “Slurpee” machine one day as a life goal.

Most of the “Holmies” so far are young women, many of which wear plaid or flannel clothing in the Twitter and Facebook posts that are popping up online. When James Holmes was arrested after the mass shooting at the Century 16 movie theater, he was reportedly wearing a plaid flannel jacket.

The James Holmes groupies are also engaging in a low-tech campaign to get his attention – letter writing.

A “Holmie” with the screen name, jimboplaidshirt posted, “Just finished my letter. It’s probably really cheesy, tacky, annoying, poorly written, and/or boring. I though of so many questions I could ask him. I asked him if he was reincarnated and came back as a beverage, what would he want to be. A little outlandish, but, whatever. It’s funny, ey,” according to Buzzfeed

The Holmes fans “swap stories of their admiration” for the alleged Colorado shooter and upload drawings of the man awaiting trial for the murders of 12 people. The Daily Mail reports some of the “Holmies” have even dyed their hair bright orange to mimic the mugshot image of James Holmes.

“Wearing plaid, sippin’ on a slurpee. Just a typical holmie,” one James Holmes groupie posted, according to images and tweets republished by the Daily Mail.

Buzzfeed compiled a plethora of “Holmies” created online photos and drawing and also uncovered a chat room dedicated to talking about everything James Holmes related. According to a mission statement of sorts posted on the “Holmies” chat room, a “Holmie” is someone with an interest in the Aurora theater shooting case who may or may not find Holmes attractive. The poster also noted that she falls under the “may” category.

“Holmies” are credited with creating this YouTube video as “Holmies Anthem,” according to Buzzfeed.

Tweets from presumed “Holmies” republished by Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail note James Holmes fans referring to him as a monarch, entertainer and a misunderstood man. The psychological term for individuals who are sexually attracted to mass murderers is hybristophilia- also commonly referred to as the Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.

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