Emma Watson Loves This Sex Site, Says Expensive Subscription Is Worth It

Emma Watson knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to spend money on it. She recently opened up about a sex education site that she really likes and says everyone must definitely check it out. The site has research on how women can improve their sexual encounters. She says it’s a very helpful site, one she wishes had been around longer, Hollywood Life has reported.

“I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out,” Emma said. She was referring to the site OMGYES, reports Us Weekly. “It’s an expensive subscription but it’s worth it.”

The subscription for the site is $59. However, at the moment, it is being advertised for $29. Do you think that’s expensive? And if yes, would it be worth subscribing to.

A company rep talked about what the website is really about. The rep says that women’s sex issues have largely been taboos and that’s why it’s important to research them. The company has $4.6 million in funding so far. “In short, scientists had never researched actual techniques for pleasure because it’s so taboo,” they said, according to NY Daily News. “We got 4.6 million dollars in funding and are doing that research. Instead of just making academic journal articles, we’re making the findings practical, real, and experiential in the form of documentary interviews — both explicit and non-explicit — with real-life women, not actresses.”


The system even has “touchable simulation” and it allows users to “practice what they’ve learned on a photo-real movable image.” Interestingly, 50 percent of visitors on this site that talks about female desires are males.

Such a website would definitely prove to be very empowering for women given that there is a clear lack of such tools on the internet. This reinforces Emma Watson as a die-hard feminist again. She is right in thinking that women have the right to enjoy sex as much as men do and isn’t afraid to speak up for it.

It would have been hard for Emma to talk about something so personal to everyone, but it looks like her commitment to feminism is stronger than one would imagine. According to People, Emma Watson endorsed the OMGYES website when she was in conversation with Gloria Steinem. The two talked in London about plenty of topics including Harry Potter.


Emma said she tried the website after a friend recommended it. She even said that the site has been a big help to her. Emma is known to be a feminist and has even told PAPER magazine that she would like to take time off to focus on feminism. “I almost thought about going and doing a year of gender studies, then I realized that I was learning so much by being on the ground and just speaking with people and doing my reading. That I was learning so much on my own,” Emma said.


Emma has said that there is a lot of misconception on the subject of feminism that she would like to clear up with people. “I find that all the time when I engage with people for whom feminism might not come into their world or their consciousness but it has come in through my UN speech, or I’ll be wearing a HeForShe band or whatever else and there is such an overwhelming amount of misconception around the idea.”

Do you think Emma Watson should take a year off to study feminism?

[Photo By Astrid Stawiarz/ Getty Images]