Will ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Appear At E3 Or EA Play This Year?

While BioWare continues to work on Mass Effect Andromeda, it’s hard to believe that it has now been four years since the franchise laid the Commander Shepard trilogy to rest as the original narrative concluded when Mass Effect 3 launched back in March of 2012.

After taking a long break, fans are now anticipating the series’ upcoming return on all current-gen platforms in early 2017. As Andromeda‘s expected release draws closer, little is publicly known about the game and players are likely hoping for that to soon change now that this year’s E3 event is approaching.

After all, most of what has currently been revealed about Mass Effect Andromeda came out of the few info drops that the developer announced during last year’s E3. In an interview with Ars Technica during the event, BioWare’s general manager for the Edmonton and Montreal studios, Aaryn Flynn, even stated that it was nice to finally be able to talk about the next Mass Effect game after keeping everything a secret during its early development cycle.

“One thing I’d like to get across, is just all of the excitement the studio has—both Edmonton and Montreal—to finally begin to talk about Mass Effect. Because, again, it’s been in development for a few years now.”

However, only a few details about the game were actually revealed and BioWare has since slipped back into silent mode as they have continued to stay quiet over the past year. With E3 just around the corner, fans might be getting excited in the hopes that they might learn more about Mass Effect Andromeda, but the developer hasn’t yet confirmed if they even plan on attending the event this year.

With Electronic Arts running their own fan-oriented gaming convention the same week as E3, it’s possible that Mass Effect coverage could skip E3 in favor of an appearance at the EA Play event. However, the publisher hasn’t announced if Andromeda will be heading to either conference at this time. Even the game’s official Twitter account stated that BioWare wasn’t ready to talk about specifics when asked if they have plans to show the game off at E3 this June.

While fans eagerly await further information on the upcoming Mass Effect title, a handful of details are already known about Andromeda. To help fans catch up on everything that’s been shared to date, The Inquisitr recently reported on what has previously been revealed about the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be the start of a new chapter for the franchise. As such, the game will feature a new protagonist as a fresh storyline begins in an entirely different galaxy for players to explore. Andromeda’s new main character will once again be human, but players will still be able to select their gender.

Mass Effect Andromeda planet screenshot
Mass Effect returns in 2017 with Andromeda [Image via BioWare]
There have also been hints about the possibility the the game might feature some kind of multiplayer element. If true, this wouldn’t be surprising since Mass Effect 3 already introduced a popular online mode to the series.

BioWare has decided to keep quietly developing Mass Effect Andromeda even after they officially announced that work had begun on the next installment of their popular sci-fi series. It still isn’t even clear if gamers will be getting new information out of either E3 or Electronic Arts’ own EA Play event.

Mass Effect Andromeda sight seeing
The Andromeda galaxy will provide new experiences for Mass Effect fans [Image via BioWare]
What are your thoughts on BioWare’s silence about the ongoing development of Mass Effect Andromeda? Are you enough of a fan of the franchise that you plan on purchasing the game regardless of knowing any additional details, or are you still wanting some more information to help sell you on the title?

[Image via the BioWare Blog]