‘The Division’: Looking For Groups, In-Game Player Finder, And Other Multiplayer Resources

Tom Clancy’s The Division MMORPG comes out tomorrow, and with it information regarding the game has been making its way online. This does come in handy, because it allows for characters to prepare for what’s ahead. Of course, with it being a multiplayer game comes the need to find someone to play with. Looking For Group, or LFG, as the acronym states, is something quite synonymous with this format, which is usually shouted out via in-game chat in other MMO games.

So, it would appear that in anticipation of The Division comes player communities putting together databases, resources, message boards, and other communities providing access to those who desire to find someone in which whom they’d like to team up with. A video for The Division in-game matchmaking is provided by xHOUNDISHx on YouTube.

[Not safe for work, video game violence and language]

Finding A Team Or LFG

The Division solo play is do-able, however, it is not recommended and likely would be a struggle. The Dark Zone offers up the challenge where it would behoove one to call out for assistance in order to get optimal achievements and game playing satisfaction. According to VG 24/7, the online gaming publication has buddied up with The Division channel of The 100 matchmaking site. Though this title may be reminiscent of Zack Snyder’s 300 movie, but only a third of the amount, one could probably see how it may inadvertently related.

This is a third-party method of seeking out groups and according to VG 24/7, it describes how Ubisoft “scales” itself for the purposes needed in regards to enemy difficulty.

“The difficulty of enemies in Ubi’s MMO-lite scales depending on how many of your four group slots are filled, but The Division is a game of teamwork, of combining capabilities and tactics, of understanding the fluidity of unenforced classes to create joint combat strategies.”

So there looks to be a sense of required team work in order to achieve success and for those likely serious about moving forward in The Division game.

The data entered here is for the purpose of player availability, scheduling purposes, frequency of play, casual or hardcore, and so on. Specifics enter here would be very helpful to find evenly matched playing styles or proper fits.

The Division LFG offers up its own style of categorization. This is a bit more basic where you’ll just look for game type (PvP/PvE), categorization of player levels, and a little twist of LFG/LFM choices for those waiting for just one more person to add to the four player group. The latter apparently alleviates long wait times for a final player to join the group.

These are divided up into platform categories (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC) via a message board system at Ubisoft.

Other resources move forward with LFG.pub, which is system not unlike Division LFG. There looks to be an in-browser chat system here.

In-Game Player And Clan Finder

Recently, a Facebook group for The Division: Communication Center posted links in a sticky a few resources to add your in-game screen name to the group via Google Docs/Forms. This list is so far as of yesterday up to more than 400 gamers, which is a pretty nice amount of the gaming community. Clans can also be sought out here and a user can sort by category through this Excel-like format.

Note: You would need to ask to join the Facebook group in order to gain access to updates.

The Division game community will likely grow more and more as it moves onward and beyond. Hopefully it’ll grow by leaps and bounds as it will be released come March 8 on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

[Photo by David McNew/Getty Images]