Savannah Chrisley’s Dad Teases She Could Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

There are a lot of rumors going around about who could end up on Dancing with the Stars next season, and now Savannah Chrisley’s name is being thrown around. Her dad, Todd Chrisley, made it sound like this could happen, and fans would love to see Savannah on the show. Wet Paint got the chance to talk to Todd and get all the details.

Savannah Chrisley has talked about the show on her social media before and hinted that she would want to do it. There were a few rumors in the past that Savannah would end up on the show, but it never actually happened. Todd Chrisley himself was asked if Savannah could be doing the show and here is what he had to say about it.

“I think there’s always discussions about my kids doing a lot of stuff. There is an ongoing conversation. I don’t think it hurts her career nor do I think it actually builds it. I think it’s great fun. If my daughter wants to do it and she believes herself and she has the confidence to go out there and do it, then I’ll be in the front row to cheer her on.”

Savannah Chrisley is really busy, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t have time to fit it into her schedule. Todd shared a bit more about what Savannah has going on right now.

“She is currently the Miss Teen Tennessee USA right now, so she has her commitments to that. She has her commitments to [Chrisley Knows Best], she has her commitment to school. She’s doing very well in school — that’s the first priority for all of my children, if they don’t have a 3.0 we don’t cover tuition.”

So far, it is just speculation that Savannah Chrisley could be dancing this season. They have announced a few different contestants, but still have a lot to go. Savannah would be great on the show and her fans would support her all the way. Todd has already shared that he would be on the front row cheering on his little girl as well. It would be a lot of fun to see the Chrisley family on the show and also see how Todd would react to some of the costumes that Savannah would need to wear to be on the show.

Enstarz actually shared a bit about the upcoming season of Chrisley Knows Best and it turns out that Todd Chrisley didn’t even want to do reality television to begin with, but luckily for his fans Todd changed his mind. Todd isn’t ashamed at all of the way he raises his children, no matter what people have to say about it. During the first season of the show, they had about 25 percent negative comments, according to Todd, but those aren’t near as bad now. Things are going great and the reality show life is good to the Chrisley family.

Todd did tell Grayson that Savannah was his favorite child at one time, but Todd wanted to clear that up. He shared that all of his kids are his favorites. Anyone that watches the show knows that Todd supports all of his children and is there for them if they need anything.

Do you think that Savannah Chrisley would be great on Dancing with the Stars for the upcoming season? Who else do you want to see on the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the return of Chrisley Knows Best to USA on March 8.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]