‘The Division’ DLC Could Be Liberty Island Venue For ‘Last Stand’ — ‘Survival’ Expansion To Be All Dark Zone

Recent promotional art for Tom Clancy’s The Division, illustrating the DLC expansions, has displayed some interesting artwork regarding the third Last Stand expansion in the Season Pass. It was suggested by VG 24/7 that the venue in which this would take place would be on Liberty Island, considering the art is that of a skull in place of the Statue of Liberty’s face.

The promotional image was provided by an Austrian video game shop, called Gamesonly.at. The artwork doesn’t have much to tell with the exception of a sawed-off shotgun, according to a report by WCCF Tech. There was also reported other pieces of equipment seen, as well.

The Division files already had taken a thorough undertaking by a Redditor regarding 58 guns discovered during the beta test. Perhaps these tie into what was seen here?

Reddit user TheEmqeror also found some interesting information on the second installment of the DLC expansion for The Division Survival. He saw the description for the expansion and it translates into this.

“Expansion 2: ‘Survival‘ – In this expansion the entire map transforms into a Dark Zone for a hardcore multiplayer experience.”

A month ago, Games Rant had this description of The Division game’s second expansion.

“In the second expansion, called ‘Survival‘, players will have to try to survive in a hostile environment that will challenge even the most hardcore Division players.”

So, it’s interesting how the less up-to-date information gave a more generic description of the Dark Zone as just a “hostile environment.” It appears the Dutch site gets a bit more descriptive.

This isn’t surprising as there seems to be a focus on The Dark Zone, as Forbes cited in their article last month as this is an area that “will make or break The Division,” and with the aforementioned description of the second expansion, this could be the tie breaker. The author of the Forbes article stated the following.

“I almost wish the Dark Zone was its own game entirely, to be honest, with factions developing entirely organically, and groups of players banding together to hold entire sections of the city against other hostile groups.”

Well, it looks like Erik Kane may be getting what he’s looking for, according to the Dutch description.

Keep in mind, it was stated by TheEmqeror that this would not mean the current map will be transformed into a Dark Zone, but would be an option to play separately in a full Dark Zone area. If this is the case, this would make sense for it to be challenging and intense according to The Division’s Survival DLC expansion.

The Division fan TheEmqeror even went as far as to confirm with chat support at Ubisoft if the overseas description correlates to each other. Ubisoft asked for information such as a screenshot from him/her to confirm. Sure enough, confirmation was made.

Other rumors made in the past about a raid scenario going on at Riker’s Island that would entail an “eight player end-game raid,” according to Express, as additions to the game, but didn’t suggest it to be part of the scheduled expansions.

There are, however, according to a recent Year One plan, free updates called Incursions and then Conflicts in a recent report by Ubisoft. Perhaps this where the Riker’s Island raid may lie in The Division?

There is a special Gold Edition of the package that can be purchased at a higher price for $99, and then there’s the Collector’s Edition for $159.99.

Tom Clancy’s The Division game is only days away, set to be released come March 8 to the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It’s an action-MMORPG that is quite unlike most being that it’s a tactical shooter well-known to the Tom Clancy genre of games.

[Photo by Casey Rodgers/Invision for Ubisoft/AP Images]

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