Gizelle Bryant of ‘RHOP’ Past Revealed: Bryant And Ex Sued For Filming Woman In The Shower

Gizelle Bryant of The Real Housewives of Potomac has a bit of a past that is just now coming out. Gizelle used to be married to Jamal Bryant, and during their marriage, the couple was sued for actually filming a woman while she was in the shower. Radar Online was able to get a hold of the handwritten documents from this lawsuit against Gizelle Bryant and share all the details.

This all went down back in October of 2014. A woman filed a lawsuit against both Gizelle and Jamal Bryant that asked that they “cease eavesdropping, wiretapping and video surveillance” on her. The woman, Sylvia Rolle of Brooklyn, New York, said that they had invaded her privacy and wanted to be paid an amount of money that was not disclosed. She claimed that the Bryants had destroyed her life.

Rolle was very upset with Gizelle and Jamal Bryant over what happened. The report says that they used “an imaging device to view plaintiff intentionally without a consent.” She then explained that they used this device to “view, broadcast, plaintiff in the bedroom, changing room, restroom, toilet, hotel, bathroom, and shower without plaintiff knowledge and also consent.”

Gizelle and Jamal Bryant are accused of using these photos and selling them. She even said that she was the victim of social security, medicare, disability, and medical fraud, as well as real estate and identity theft.

The thing is this woman’s claims were never proven. In reality, the Bryants may have not done any of this at all. When Gizelle Bryant went to court, the judge dismissed the outrageous lawsuit as “frivolous” and as having a “lack of subject matter.” He went on to say that these allegations were “the product of delusion or fantasy.” Here is what the judge revealed about Gizelle Bryant’s case on the paperwork.

“Because the Complaint is devoid of any basis in law or fact, defects which cannot be cured by amendment, the Complaint is dismissed as frivolous.”

At this time, Gizelle Bryant is not speaking out about this past lawsuit. The star of RHOP was obviously not found guilty of doing any of these things to the woman who accused her. Gizelle has now moved on, and as Radar Online shared, she has divorced Jamal as well after finding out he was cheating on her.

Jamal and Gizelle Bryant divorced after she found out about his affair from the woman he was cheating on her with. Gizelle shared that the young woman called her on the phone and revealed to her what was going on. Gizelle then confronted him about it, and Jamal admitted to the affair. After that, he shared all the details with her about what had happened. Gizelle wasn’t going to stay with a cheater and left him. It was hard on her, but Gizelle has made it through. She shared some of the details.

“It was extremely isolating and lonely because I really felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to because there was such a spotlight on he and I in Baltimore. I really had to lean on my true friends and family to get me through it. I had these little kids. At the time, my oldest was 2 and my twins were 1. I really just kind of focused in on being a mom and getting us through it.”

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[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for KWL]