Teresa Giudice Talks Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo And ‘RHONJ’ Season 7

It seems that Season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be more fun and less negative drama. On Tuesday, All About The Real Housewives posted an interview that it did with Teresa Giudice during a book signing that she had last Friday. During the interview, Teresa talked about the new season and cast members. She was also asked about Jacqueline Laurita, who has returned to the show as a starring cast member, and Jacqueline’s sister-in-law, Caroline Manzo, who starred on Real Housewives with Jacqueline and Teresa for five seasons.

In early February, Bravo announced that Season 7 will be airing later this year, and that it’ll star Jacqueline, Teresa, and Melissa Gorga. The announcement teased that on the new season, viewers will see Teresa trying to repair her relationship with her sister-in-law Melissa. It will also show Jaqueline hoping for a reconciliation with Teresa, with whom she used to be very good friends.

All three women released statements expressing excitement over the new season. Teresa, who was released in late December, 2015, after almost a year in prison for fraud, pointed out that people are calling her “Teresa 2.0” and that for her, the new season is “all about letting go of the past and embracing the future.”

It’s pretty clear from the three women’s social media posts that they’re getting along so far while filming. They have sent one another supportive tweets and have taken photos together. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, they may have even gone on a girls’ weekend trip together.

Both Jacqueline and Melissa were at Teresa’s filmed book signing on Friday. When asked about her relationship with Jacqueline, Teresa remained tight-lipped, saying that people will see for themselves when the season airs. She did, however, say that it’s going to be “great” and that she’s happy that Jacqueline showed up to support her.

“Well, I wish I could say more but I can’t because we’re filming. The good news is you’ll get to see everything next season. It’s going to be great, I’m happy she’s here to support me tonight.”

Some of Season 7’s rumored new cast members, Dolores Cantania and Robyn Levy, and her wife, Christina Flores, also showed up to the book signing. Presumably, the other cast members will be featured in lesser roles. Teresa thanked Jacqueline and Dolores for their support.

Not surprisingly, one person who wasn’t at the book signing was Caroline Manzo. Caroline left Real Housewives after the fifth season to star on her own family spin-off, Manzo’d with Children. By the end of the fifth season, Caroline and Teresa weren’t exactly good friends. Caroline has made clear that she has no wish to be friends with Teresa, and that Teresa would probably say the same about her. Asked at the book signing if Caroline has reached out to her at all, Teresa replied “no.”

After the book singing, Teresa went out to dinner with Melissa, Robyn, and Christina. Teresa’s photo also shows Joe Gorga, Joe Giudice, and Rino and Teresa Aprea at the dinner. Rino and Teresa A. appeared on the show’s sixth season.

Regarding the new cast members, Teresa Giudice told All About The Real Housewives that the fans will love them.

“I can’t really say more, but you’ll see this season, I know the fans will love the new women, it’s going really good.”

Teresa added that the new season will be more like Sex and the City.

“Okay, this season is going to be great. It feels good for us to be back, and things to be different. I think this season is more like a Sex and the City; everyone loves Sex and the City. Those women lift each other up and that’s how it feels, and hey, everyone is still watching that show. (laughs)”

Yet it seems that Teresa hasn’t repaired all of her relationships. All About The Tea also reported that Teresa’s cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, showed up to the book signing unexpectedly. Kathy starred on the show’s third through fifth seasons, with Rosie frequently showing up by her side. On Season 6, Kathy and Rosie appeared in a few episodes. Kathy and Rosie are rumored to also be filming the new season as “friends” of the housewives.

Photos posted by the blog site shows Kathy and Rosie talking to Teresa Giudice, as well as to Melissa Gorga. According to the blog site, who had a reporter at the book signing, Kathy, with Rosie sticking up for her, confronted Melissa about basically forgetting about her now that she’s on good terms with Teresa. The blog site added that Kathy and Rosie’s talk to Teresa “didn’t go well.”

Perhaps viewers will see Jacqueline Laurita, who is good friends with Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, advocate on their behalf to Teresa Giudice?

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