‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Confronts Nathan, Tracy Faces Difficult News, And Sonny And Ava Face Emotional Moments

There is a lot of action ahead with Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that viewers will see more regarding Tracy and her medical situation as well as action tied to Sonny and his family. Ava is scrambling, and there are relationships facing some intense challenges. What can viewers expect with the March 2 show?

As We Love Soaps shares, Sonny and Ava will share a peaceful moment together. Usually, these two are at one another’s throats, and both are under a lot of stress right now given Kiki and Morgan’s medical conditions. General Hospital spoilers indicate, however, that they will have a brief time of understanding one another and seemingly setting aside their differences.


When it comes to dealing with others, however, both Sonny and Ava remain fierce. General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will have a conversation with Dante, where he talks about doing whatever it takes to protect his family, killing if it came to that. In addition, Ava will be making threats to Paul, indicating that she’ll fill Dillon in on what she knows about his father if she has to in order to keep herself free and safe.

Tracy has been having spells and now a seizure, and she wasn’t able to avoid the hospital after this last one. Both Dillon and Hayden have been insistent that she get answers, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Tracy will be dealing with a lot of fear at this point. She may talk tough, but it seems that she may be worried about the reality of what has been happening to her.

Does Tracy get answers in this episode? General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will tell Dillon that hearing the truth will not be easy. Granted, it would seem this is about her health, but this could also be related to something else, especially considering that he heard Tracy call Hayden Rachel and was concerned about that.

Maxie has been shaken up by Nathan’s drugged reference to loving someone named Claudette, and there is more of that ahead on Wednesday’s show. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be pushing him for the truth, not believing that Claudette was a dog he used to own. However, Nathan is not going to be coming clean at this point.

While Maxie seems sure Nathan is lying and confronts him about it, he will keep his secret under wraps for now. General Hospital spoilers share that he will be worried as the week continues that Nina might spill the beans, and he will turn to Dante for some advice. What is the truth about Claudette? Viewers are anxious to see where this heads, hoping that whatever the situation is, it doesn’t shake up “Naxie” too horribly.

Jason and Sam are reconnecting now that Jake is doing better and the wedding disaster is resolved, but they are finding themselves facing some difficult questions. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will be asking her if she trusts who he is now. She has admitted an intense love for who he used to be, danger and all, but is she really also in love with the person he has become?

Will Maxie and Nathan work through this Claudette obstacle? Are Sam and Jason going to be able to build a new relationship that lasts? Viewers are loving General Hospital these days and cannot wait to see what comes next.

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