Harry Styles Writes Music With Ariana Grande: His Own Music Is Progressing As Well

As Harry Styles writes music for his own new album, he is also working with Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor on their new songs. It is no wonder he hardly has time for any social life or activities these days. Harry is working hard to become a better and more professional singer and songwriter.

Harry Styles writes music almost obsessively. It seems he is on a journey, like a pilgrimage to legitimate musical art. It has been quite an odyssey for fans and friends, as well as Harry himself. It is really difficult to know what is going on with him these days, but fans feel certain it has something to do with his cultivation of pure artistic inspiration. Perhaps his inner artistic muse is a jealous mistress, or maybe the whole writing thing is just starting to get frustrating. Either way, Styles seems to be struggling a bit, but no one really knows what his inner struggle is about. We do know, externally at least, that there has been some method to his madness from the very beginning.

From the very beginning of the One Direction break, Harry Styles set about procuring new management and new publicity agents. As Digital Spy reports, this time, Styles is going for the best in music management, and he also wants the most artistic freedom possible. No more boy band sound, no G-rated lyrics or generic pop qualities. As a manager, Styles chose Jeffrey Azoff. Dawbell is handling his publicity now. These are the companies that Sir Paul McCartney works with, and Styles has expressed that he is patterning a lot of his career moves and his new sound after McCartney.

With all this business out of the way, it simply falls to Harry Styles to write music and decide how he wants it to sound. Perhaps that is the problem. Now all the weight is on the inner artist to come up with not just good ideas for music he is accustomed to producing, but absolutely great ideas for a new kind of musical style. He is searching for a unique sound that will blow everyone’s mind. Perhaps he will come up with something that will revolutionize music for this new century.

Now that Harry Styles writes music of a more serious nature, it seems his persona is becoming more serious and more than a little bit reclusive. It isn’t all lonely decisions for Harry, though. Digital Spy has some rather exciting inside information on who Styles is collaborating with on his own album. Apparently, Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol has worked on at least eight tracks, while Gary Go has worked on four of those same tracks as a co-writer. We even have four song titles now, including “Already Home,” “Coco,” “Endlessly,” and “5387 Miles.” These are the tracks that Gary Go and Johnny McDaid worked on together.

Other possible Styles album tracks may include duets with Meghan Trainor and/or Ariana Grande. There is also a possibility that the song titled “Make it Feel Right,” which Harry wrote and recorded with the Irish band Kodaline in 2014, could surface on the new album.

Meghan Trainer and Louis Tomlinson
Meghan Trainor and Louis Tomlinson [Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Sony Music Entertainment]
Harry Styles
Harry Styles [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Harry Styles writes music that he hopes will be exemplary. He has set extremely high standards for himself. According to Movie News Guide, it has to be better than “Pillowtalk” and anything else Zayn has written in order to satisfy his self-imposed artistic mandate.

Harry Styles’ music writing progress is amazing in such a short time, and fans are eager to hear it.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]