Ted Cruz Calls On Rivals To Pull Out And Fall Behind Him As The Republican Nominee

You’d struggle to find anyone who would argue that Super Tuesday wasn’t an unparalleled success for Donald Trump and his bid for the White House. In fact, The Donald practically left other candidates behind him in the smoke when yesterday’s results came in. All but one candidate that is: Ted Cruz. In fact, Cruz now appears to be using his loss as a method to unify the Republican Party behind him.

Ted Cruz managed to pick up a total of three states during Super Tuesday; Alaska, Oklahoma, and, of course, his native Texas. That’s only a minimal number of states in comparison to the total of seven states that saw victories for Donald Trump during Super Tuesday. That is considerably more than the one state picked up by Marco Rubio and the complete lack of states shared between John Kasich and Ben Carson.

Cruz has now taken advantage of the situation, telling Republican voters that he’s the only candidate with a shot of taking down Donald Trump and gaining the nomination, calling on his rivals to pull out and fall behind him.

Ted Cruz went on to say that as long as the field is still divided with so many irrelevant candidates, Donald Trump is going to carry on picking up votes. Cruz’s comments were quite clearly aimed at Marco Rubio, who, despite only bagging one state during Super Tuesday, appears to be clinging to his campaign. At the same time, we’d expect Cruz is looking for John Kasich and Ben Carson to drop out of the race and fall behind him also.

“And after tonight we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat and that will beat Donald Trump.”

The news comes after the Republican Party establishment appears to now be backing Ted Cruz as their anti-Trump candidate in this race. With that taken into consideration, the party is likely to also call on Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and Ben Carson to pull out of the race and fall behind Ted Cruz in the coming days.

That being said, Ted Cruz still isn’t the ideal candidate for the Republican Party. It initially looked like the party was falling behind Marco Rubio as their preferred candidate. However, Super Tuesday has only cemented the fact that Rubio simply isn’t picking enough votes to provide a viable alternative to Donald Trump. With that in mind, while a little too far to the right as far as the GOP are concerned, Ted Cruz appears to be their best hope right now.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clashing Head to Head
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If Ted Cruz’s plan does come together and he can successfully have the other Republican candidates fall behind his candidacy, the Texas Senator still knows all too well that he’s going to have a serious fight on his hands going up against the seemingly unstoppable force that is Donald Trump.

It’s still the belief of many in the Republican party that Cruz would stand a better chance of winning the general election up against either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side of the race. Plus, with Clinton’s success on Super Tuesday, the challenge could be made all the more difficult for the party when the vote goes to the nation.

For now, though, Ted Cruz has a long road ahead of him if he wants to beat Donald Trump and snap up the Republican nomination for himself. As it stands, the likes of Marco Rubio and other increasingly irrelevant candidates offer Cruz his only chance by falling behind the candidate. We’d expect the coming days to see serious talks taking place between Ted Cruz and rival campaigns.

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